The Results Are In, WEN is Great for Fine Hair Textures

We have all seen the WEN infomercials on YouTube. They always show this beautiful woman that has had her problems with other hair care products. Then Chaz Dean comes in with WEN, washes, and then styles her hair. This leaves her feeling amazed at how one washing can make such a dramatic change. And we have all wondered if the results were real or not. This woman decided on trying WEN. She did her research and took the plunge and wanted to give WEN a week before she would decide on whether this product was what it stated or not. Bustle featured an article giving the day to day results of this woman. Click here to see her more detailed journey.

This young woman has beautiful hair but she falls in the fine hair texture group. Fine hair faces many challenges and volume seems to be the biggest. At first she was worried about how much product WEN suggested to use. It was more than she typically used with her previous hair cleansing and conditioning products. In just one day she noticed a change. Her hair was more springy, clean and shiny looking. That gave her some encouragement that WEN was what it stated to be. 7 Days later her review came in. WEN is great for everyday washers. During her trial run, for her she found that it was best to wash her hair in the mornings with it rather than at night.

Chaz Dean created the WEN product line, He is a salon owner in an upscale salon in Hollywood that caters to a wide variety of celebrities. WEN is a product that replaces up to 5 different hair care products that you would use daily. It cleanses the hair, conditions, deep conditions, acts as a leave in conditioner, and detangles.

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