Pete And Will Best Join Sanjay Shah’s Autism Rocks Raising High Expectations.

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The year 2016 started with high expectations for Autism Rocks as new trustee board members Pete and Will Best joined in. Pete and Will Best created a wave of high expectations for Autism Rocks and the entire philanthropic world. Currently all eyes are set to Pete and Will Best to see what value they will bring to Autism Rocks. On top of this, the philanthropic world has also set its eyes on Autism Rocks to see what it will be able to accomplish under the talented hands of Pete and Will Best. Sanjay Shah shared his optimism that this year, his Autism Rocks charity would be able to achieve more than just success in its charity work.

One of the two Best brothers, Will is a highly experienced event organizer and music show host. Will Best career in music started in Manchester when he was still in university. During this period, he was the leading underworld event organizer in the city. His career graduated to T.V. where he got a chance to host a variety of music shows and music talk shows. His reputation and good workmanship gave him a chance to work for several international T.V channels. Pete Best has been in the business arena where he has greatly progressed to being an M.D at Icap. At Autism Rocks, Pete Best will get another chance to develop his business management career while Will Best will work on the event organization wing.

Sanjay Shah, the founder, and owner of Autism Rocks is a successful British-born business person and entrepreneur. Sanjay Shah owns Solo Capital a boutique financial services provider for the business industry. This firm offers several of business financial services for its clients globally; proprietary trading, sports investment management, and consultancy services are at the top of this firm’s services list.
Sanjay Shah became an entrepreneur in 2009, and this is the time he started forming his companies all over the world. Sanjay Shah started his practice in dedicated philanthropy in 2014 after he founded Autism Rocks. Follow Sanjay on Twitter to keep up with his news and other events involving Autism research.