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Contrary to popular belief, arthritis is not a disease in itself, rather a term used to describe joint pain or a type of joint disease.

There are hundreds of different types of arthritis which are most prominently seen on women. Arthritis occurs as individuals begin to age and it affects nearly 50 million adults in the United States alone.

Osteoarthritis is the degeneration of cartilage, also the most common type of arthritis.

When the breaking down of cartilage begins to occur, the bones begin to rub against each other causing swelling, stiffness, and extreme discomfort (GazetteDay). Although there is no complete cure for arthritis, there is a variety of treatment options to choose from which can greatly manage joint pain.

A person who has a history of arthritis in the family is at risk for osteoarthritis, as well as aging, or excess weight.

Because there is no cure for osteoarthritis, it comes down to the individual to take good care of themselves to minimize the impact of the condition over time.

Daily light exercises can be helpful to feel less stiff as well as properly managing weight.

Stretching and motion exercises are a huge help to built some strength back.

Repetitive motions are not recommended because they impact the joints. These include jumping, running, or any highly repetitive movement.

Medical options include oral or topical medications, physical therapy, and or surgery if any other method fails.


The Osteo Relief Institute, based in New Jersey, specializes in providing the most high-quality care for its patients that will aim to aid them and avoid surgery (https://yourbeautycraze.com/osteo-relief-institute-offers-hope-arthritis-sufferers/).

Board-certified physicians and physical therapists at Osteo Relief Institute are all trained and believe that every patient should be treated like family. Every patient should be informed in a language that they understand, and the best options should be presented to them with little to no downtime to recover and start living their best life.

With the advanced combination of FDA approved high technologies, the chances of finding the solution that is best for you and the solution you have endlessly been searching for are high.

Long lasting pain relief awaits you at the Osteo Relief Institute.


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Help with Relief for Arthritis from the Osteo Relief Institute

A common health problem that patients suffer from yearly is arthritis. This is a very common disease for people to have as there is over 50 million people in the United States which suffer from this yearly. More women in the US have this problem over anyone else. It is a leading cause for people who are disabled as well says the Osteo Relief Institute (https://www.osteoreliefinstitute.com/knee-osteoarthritis-surgery/).


For people who have arthritis, the most common form is osteoarthritis. The degenerative disease leads to the breaking down of cartilage in the body and more commonly found in the breaking down of knee joints. The knee is easily injured due to the pressure of walking, climbing and everyday use. There is no cure for arthritis and at times, pain can be unbearable (HealthGrades). The goal of the Osteo Relief Institute is to make life easier for patients who suffer from arthritis. There may not be a cure but living with chronic pain can be easier with the right tools and exercises.

knee pain

knee pain

Some people suffer from arthritis due to other factors such as a family history of someone who has arthritis or someone who is over weight. The heavier that someone is, the more toll that the knees take and therefore can lead to arthritis earlier in age. There is also the fact that an injury can cause lasting problems in the body such as arthritis to the joint or muscle that was injured.


The problem with arthritis and osteoarthritis that the Osteo Relief Institute want’s the patients and individuals to know is that simply because there is no cure, that does not mean that there is no hope for relief. Just because there is no cure, it does not mean that if the right precautions are taken and the right therapies are being used, the patient can cope with the pain associated with arthritis.


The Osteo Relief Institute also wants people to know that there is an endless amount of treatment options out there for people to experience. This allows for more patients to try different methods to reach relief for everyday life. With the right treatment, you are able to start to enjoy life once more after the pain starts to lessen every day.


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