Lori Senecal’s Advertising Triumphs

Risk is a big thing nowadays and in the world of practicing digital marketing – taking risks is wholly recommended. Most companies or corporations using the internet to advertise their crafts succeed when they push the boundaries of their advertising campaigns. The rivalry in the digital world often undermines the traditional ways of advertising. And in order to get attention creative methods like guerilla advertising techniques are better since they also come out better when put into print, social media advertising and website.

At CP+B or Crispin, Porter and Bogusky, the agency’s top talent team, headed by Lori Senecal, is changing the advertising industry by skillfully combining compulsive rule breakers, coders, advertising professionals, technologists and social media channels to strategically plan campaigns that would match the aggressive and unstable times within the digital marketing world.

This suggests that a PB+E campaign must include certain standards in order to gain marketing success, and these are: reaching the target audience, delivering a message that audiences understand which encourage them to know more and moving them to take action.

According to GC Report, since the experience of a user is crucial, CP+E remind and urge all team members to be creative in their advertising approach by taking into consideration native advertising, virtual reality, and multicultural advertising that ordinary users can easily have access to and share. Opposed to the guerilla kind of advertising, the approach is simple in concept but effective for the target customer because it is available on one or several media forums that have creative content and images that are associated with the customer’s lifestyle.

It is likewise significant to take note that the execution of advertising campaigns must support and reflect current trend in the market. Several current trends involve: proper mixture of bolder colors with unexpected blends, easy to navigate using mobile phones, able to stimulate emotional response, use of humor, and recognizing the importance of women.

Lori Senecal is the CEO of CP+B and is the driving force that propelled the company in its expansion since 2015. Lori believes that the efficient implementation of strategies and the quality of ideas are the proper ingredients for a successful venture. Her term with the agency has seen to its phenomenal growth from 250 employees to over 900 employees posted worldwide. Through Lori Senecal’s meticulous guidance, CB+P have acquired major accounts such as PayPal, American Airlines, Infiniti, and Hershey’s among others.

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