JustFab for the World

The online fashion retailer, JustFab, has launched it’s own hashtag, #FabForAll, due to them expanding the range of sizes for their various clothing pieces. JustFab has been dedicated to expanding their fashion lines to all women, celebrating each and every body shape and size, and helping women feel comfortable in their own, uniquely beautiful skin.

The company is subscription based, and has branches in many other styles of clothing, including children (FabKids) and exercise (Fabletics). Subscribers pay a little under $40 a month to receive new styles in their size. Now, with #FabForAll, they are adding even more sizes to these subscriptions to better celebrate the women who make up this world and their beautiful glow to it. Adam Goldenberg has said that this new campaign is just a part of “the story we have been telling since we first launched.”

Yuchi Mao, the head of design for JustFab, explains that this push for expanded sizes in clothes is to better help the companies ideal of helping women “feel empowered and beautiful”, which, more than certainly, every single woman more than deserves. The new sizing extends JustFab’s chart from extra small to 3 times extra large, for all of their available items, with each being tailored to complement each body type.

According to LATimes,  JustFab doesn’t only offer tops, bottoms, and dresses. Shoes are also offered, ever since JustFab and Shoe Dazzle have joined forces. One can certainly expect these shoes to be a part of the deal for the #FabForAll campaign.

Just Fab has been dedicated to helping women feel better about their own beauty by offering clothes and styles that complement their body and offer these women a confidence boost. This expansion of sizes is their continuation of this motive, of helping women feel confident with themselves and their bodies, helping them feel as beautiful as they truly are, and empowering them within themselves. You can also visit the site https://sites.google.com/view/verona-couture/home for some idea.

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