Bernardo Chua Announces New Organo Gold Preferred Customer Program And Benefits

Bernardo Chua has done it again. The award-winning founder of Organo Gold has found yet another way to help people that use Organo Gold products. Not only do the Organo Gold products which are infused with ganoderma help to improve people’s health, now people will receive rewards just for purchasing them. It’s part of the new rewards program the innovative entrepreneur has created. Called the Preferred Customer program, the new system will now save people money and provide them with many other benefits when they purchase Organo Gold products regularly.

The new Preferred Customer rewards program is available to both Organo Gold retail customers as well as distributors located in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. It’s designed to provide them with a support system, continued high-quality customer service, specials, and savings on a wide range of popular Organo Gold products. Chua explained that the Preferred Customer program is a model created to provide diversification and help to expand the number of businesses that carry the products.

In order to participate in the rewards program, retail customers and distributors must become a part of the Organo Gold auto-ship program. By joining they get a 25% discount plus they save on all of the orders they place each month. Many distributors see a marked increase in their sales volume while retail customers are able to get a lot more Organo Gold products for their money.

Retail customers enrolled in the new Preferred Customer rewards program have exclusive access to promotions as well as specials related to Organo Gold products. Whether you are a new or existing customer, you can simply visit the Organo Gold website and register to become part of the program. People that do so will get access the Preferred Customer hotline, representatives, plus exceptional services and assistance.

Chua’s goal has long been to give as many people as possible easy access to the health improving benefits of ganoderma. Through Organo Gold, he offers a line of gourmet hot chocolate, coffees, green teas, and a wide range of other beverages containing the extract from the health improving ganoderma mushroom.  Check out Bernardo’s Facebook for more, and read the full story on BitsyLink.

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