Basic Information about Market America Products

Market America is an internet marketing and product brokerage firm that specializes in multi-level marketing. The company has been in operation since 1992, and has been able to market and distribute a wide range of products across the world. Some of the most notable Market America Products include; weight management products, dietary supplements, water purifiers, custom websites, cosmetic products, auto care products, personal care products, apparel, electronics, jewellery, and household cleaning supplies.

The Market America Products are in most cases marketed and distributed by affiliate companies. By 2011, the company had over 650 employees running its operations. The affiliated firms are linked to the company’s official website where they advertise and offer Market America Products.

Currently, consumers can access these products in seven other countries outside the United States. The company has operations in Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, United Kingdom, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia. Market America Products consists of some well known brands such as; the Loren Jewels, Pure H20 water filter systems, Skintelligence, Fixx, Royal Spa, Transitions Lifestyle System, Pet Health, Snap, and Isotonix.

The Isotonix line has over 20 products, and was among the first brands to be offered by Market America. The nutraceuticals line is among its prime lines, and includes a wide range of supplement formulations. Market America does not produce its products, and only specializes in marketing and distributing products that are manufactured by other firms. The products are commonly referred to as Market America products because they offered and advertised on the Market America site.

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