A Tug Of War Between Two Billionaires; End Citizens United

Two rogue and extremely wealthy donors have emerged as the highest spenders on political campaigns for the 2018 mid-term elections. One of the billionaires is on the right while the other one is a leftist. These two tycoons have defied their political parties and spent millions of dollars on campaign tactics that have been seen to be confrontational by many political spectators. One of the billionaires is a former hedge fund manager who is based in the Golden State; Tom Stayer. He happens to be the most conspicuous donor who supports candidates from the Democratic Party. On the conservative side is Richard Uihlein. Mr Uihlein is a renowned magnate in the packaging supplies industry. Mr Steyer also happens to stir controversy within the inners circles of the Democratic Party. He has in the past lashed out at Democratic lawmakers for being too timid.

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According to End Citizens United, Mr Steyer has also funded advertisements that call for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The direct spending on political campaigns by Mr Steyer goes through the Climate Action by NextGen. The NextGen Climate Action is an advocacy group controlled by Mr Steyer. He also finances the group and passes finances to the traditional liberal PACs. Steyer has spent more money in this year’s election campaigns as compared to the last two mid-term polls combined according to actionnetwork.org. Apart from the campaign funds that have been documented by the Federal Election Commission, Steyer has invested money to the tune of $20 million in a campaign to remove trump from the presidency. The impeachment campaign involves TV and digital ads and billboards that have been placed in high traffic places such as the Times Square in New York.

On the Republican side, Mr Uihlein has been behind the Republican Party committees that support hard-liner members of the Conservative Party. Uihlein increased his spending on political campaigns during the 2016 presidential election. He has also spent money that is close to the total sum that he spent in the entire election cycle last season. He was an influential power broker in the political circles of Wisconsin and Illinois. However, Uihlein has taken on a political approach that is even more aggressive this year. He has been a significant force behind the Republican primaries ahead of the elections later in November. Uihlein has also donated handsome amounts of cash to a super PAC that supports an insurgent gubernatorial candidate in Mississippi. The president of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller, said that Mr Uihlein is one of the most significant fund’s donor in the Republican Party.

ECU is one of the biggest political action committee in the US. It is funded by grassroots members. They have more than 3 million members around the US.

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