A Humanitarian and Technological Giant

Securus Technologies is a powerful and reliable information technology corporation who hails from Dallas, Texas. The company was started a few years ago in order to meet the security and communications needs of incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the United States penal system. It was recently revealed online that Securus has been following a strict rubric placed upon it by the Better Business Bureau, and has managed to master all aspects of the rubric, leading Securus Technologies to be accredited with an A+ rating within the Better Business Bureaus records. This is a huge honor for the technology company, allowing it to attract new customers to its ranks and being able to produce high quality products for an increased number of people who need them.

The company relies on creating mobile applications and communication solutions for inmates and their families, using a free downloadable application as their basis of care. This application allows these individuals to openly communicate with their family members using a video chat utility that can stream seamlessly over Wi-Fi signals. This is especially important for inmates because they are not allowed to access a number of different communication devices or digital forms of technology. The application will assist in bettering visitation processes as it will mean an end to long driving periods for family members and will allow them to bypass mandatory security checks.

Securus Technologies has proven itself time and time again for its ability to be advocates for social change in and around the prison system. Not only do they treat inmates with respect and dignity but they offer them the chance to feel like members of American society again by giving them the same options as the outside world. This labels Securus Technologies as a technology and humanitarian company, respectfully.

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