The RealReal is The Real Deal

Gone are the days of worrying you may be paying designer prices while purchasing designer knockoffs. Now you can own high-end luxury designer originals for a fraction of the price. The RealReal has captured a niche market in the new era of repurposing, through a growing trend of consignment shopping. The RealReal has carved out a unique space in luxury consignment.

What sets The RealReal apart, and has become a pillar of the brand, is their commitment to authenticate every item before it is listed for shoppers. Gemologists, horologists, art curators and brand authenticators are all employed by The RealReal to authenticate every item. These uniquely qualified team players are imperative to ensuring customers can shop with confidence. When shoppers are paying thousands of dollars for a Chanel handbag, they want to be guaranteed that it is an original.

As The RealReal embarks on opening brick and mortar locations, their talented staff engage with customers in a unique way. How would you like to learn how to identify a knockoff? At the new SoHo location in New York shoppers did just that. While sipping on champagne, they learned how to recognize characteristics unique to designer originals.

The RealReal has introduced a new way for individuals who may have never considered consigning to sell their high-end items. They have done this by eliminating inconveniences in the drop off process. Items can be picked up from their homes in certain areas, or free shipping labels can be requested. In addition, shoppers who may have only imagined being able to indulge in owning high-end designer brands can now make that a reality.

The RealReal was founded in 2011 by Julie Wainwright. Wainwright, a serial entrepreneur is highly respected in the tech and startup industry. The RealReal has raised $123 million in venture funding and says it’s on track to see $500 million in gross merchandise value this year. The RealReal is the real deal and provides a different kind of treasure hunt for those who love the luxury of high-end designer products.


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Tony Petrello throws A Party For Tommy Tunes To Welcome Him Home

Tommy Tune resides in New York City but is originally from Houston and recently, he was welcomed home with a party being thrown by Tony Petrello and Cynthia Petrello at their home in Shadyside estate. Tommy Tune attended Lamar High after which he trained with Houston’s very own Patsy Swayze in the area of dance and footwork. After learning his fancy footwork, he set out or New York, and he has made a name for himself especially for the Broadway show. He was in Houston to perform at the Miller Outdoor Theatre where about 5,000 fans from his hometown enjoyed a “Tommy Tune Tonight” performance. Guests at the homecoming event enjoyed a variety of treats ranging from dessert, cocktails and some music from the Divisi Strings Amp’d. Tommy Tune launched the Tommy Tune Awards in the year 2002 to honor and give awards to those that excel in teaching and performing arts in the high schools in Houston.

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Tony Petrello has been an active participant in the efforts to make the Houston community a better place regarding education, health, and social cooperation through arts. Cynthia Petrello is a model and an actress who also shares the same passion with Tony Petrello, philanthropy. Anthony Petrello came from a humble background, and despite his hardships in life, he has achieved enormous success and feels complete when he shares his success with others through philanthropy. Tony and Cynthia Petrello have had a keen interest in donating funds to aid studies that would broaden the knowledge on neurological disorders in children. The Petrellos have a special connection to the research about neurological diseases in children mainly because their daughter that was born at 24 weeks was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia. Anthony and Cynthia Petrello was touched by the act that there was not so much research in the field of neurological diseases that affect children. The couple donated $7 million and oversaw the fundraising of $500 million that was handed over the children’s hospital in Texas to facilitate the research. The Petrellos find comfort in the fact that more research would now be available and parents that have children with medical conditions same as their daughter can be able to access better options. Tony is an alumnus of Yale and has been involved actively making contributions to the endowment fund that was established in the commemoration of his mentor, trainer, and friend Serge Lang.

Paul Mampilly and The Cryptocurrency Bubble

There is a bubble and that bubble is about to burst. That is the clear warning Paul Mampilly is giving to people. The bubble in question is Cryptocurrency. This comes as a surprise to many as the digital currency has been increasing in value every passing day. Currently, it is valued at 19,000 dollars from a mere 1000 dollars. However, Paul Mampilly says the cryptocurrency rise and rise of its shares is just a hallmark of another bubble burst to come. Paul compares the current situation to the one that took place in early 2000. Learn more about Paul on

In 1999 the stock market was soaring high and some stocks had risen to almost 2000% but at this point, Paul Mampilly predicted that this bubble was due to burst. He adviced his friend Tess at the time. Tess took the information from Mr. Mampilly as that of a pessimist who did not want her to enjoy the great fortune presented. She invested more money and saw as the prices increased. Paul, on the other hand, came off the bandwagon and sold his shares. At first, he regretted the decision but it was not until early 2000 he saw the predictions he had made were correct and accurate. Tess lost all her money so did the other newbies. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Ideamensch.

The same is happening in cryptocurrency. First, it is important to know the currencies Mampilly is talking about. Paul Mampilly explains that he means those that are a form of digital payments or currency that are not under the control of any authorities. According to this definition, this cryptocurrency includes Bitcoin started by Nakamoto and remains to be the most popular. This also includes Litecoin, Ethereum, ripple, and others with the same characteristics.

According to Mampilly, investors are getting on board of an investment that they can not really determine its true or functional value. This demand-driven increase in value is not sustainable because people are buying the currency, not because of its value but because it is increasing in value which makes it increase even further a makeup of a true bubble.

However, Mr. Paul Mampilly offers a little glimpse of hope and he can see the light at the end of the tunnel. That light can be seen in the technology behind the cryptocurrency. This technology looks very viable and in the long run, can change the way the financial market functions. In the short-run, the future for cryptocurrency might be deemed but in the long run, it is one that is worth investing in.


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Talos Energy – Exploring DocuSign And Smartsheet And Their IPO Ranges

DocuSign and Smartsheet increased their IPO ranges before Friday debuts things you need to know about DocuSign, DocuSign is an electronic signature and products that are related, along with Smartsheet which is a hosting site that is cloud-based that tracks work, are going public. According to these two companies, they are seeking to raise additional funds in their commencements. DocuSign increased its limit from $24 to $26 for each share, from to $27, to $28 for every share. This is 8.3% higher, going from low to lesser bound and 7.7% from higher bound to the higher bound. It attests that the organization is delighted to trade first-day pop for money in the bank.

The Newest Mega-Fund Is Introduced By Sinovation

Smartsheet increased its limits from $10 to $12 to $14 for each share. That is a 20% increase from lower bound to lower bound and 16.66% increase from higher bound to the higher bound. A public market is planned by DocuSign later in the week. They have increased their projected price to $26 and $28 for each share, tightening its estimated value at more than $4 billion.

Kaifu Lee Guides Sinovation Ventures

Sinovation Ventures is a company guided by Kaifu Lee, the former head of Google China. Sinovation Ventures closed at $500 million for its latest fund and is looking to increase to another $400 million in Chinese funds. The company invests in the United States and Chinese startups, with special attention on AI, robotics, and edtech.

G2VP Wraps Up The Day on $298 Million For Cleantech Growth Capital

G2VP is a brand new fund closing. It is a Cleantech growth capital that came out of VC company, Kleiner Perkins, and which closed on $298 million. This is one of the biggest cleantech-focused transaction ventures raised in current years.

Physicians Or Doctor On Demand Mobile Application

A mobile application called Doctor on Demand, provides people a means of accessing physicians and other providers in the healthcare industry. Led by Goldman Sachs and Princeville Global, it raised $75 million in a Series C round.

Sheldon Lavin-Creating A Global Gigantic Business Giant

The OSI group boasts of being the most abundant and biggest food providers company globally. It has 20,000 employees with a total of 65 facilities located in 17 countries. The company started its humble journey years back with only one facility in Chicago and had risen to become a significant company enjoying the slice of the global economy.OSI group ever-growing presence in different continents is the story of evolving globalized and modern economy.

The OSI group has its roots from an immigrant Otto Kolschowsky who moved from Germany to Chicago in 1914. In 1909 two years after arriving in Chicago Otto opened a retail meat market to serves the needs of its community. And within a short time, the business expanded to become a wholesale, retail meat shop. It moved its operation from Oak Park to Maywood Chicago suburbs, and within a decade in 1928, the company rebranded to Otto and Sons operating a stable local business. The company operations became a vital part of the Chicago community, and it has remained significant even today.

In 1940 when McDonald opened its first restaurant, the Otto and Sons Company became their leading suppliers of fresh ground beef. The global growth of McDonald became the stepping stone for Otto and Sons to also expand and transited to global corporation rebranding to OSI Group in 1975. The business changed from being a family butcher shop to using the latest technology in their facility and scaling on the manufacturing of their products producing high quality. Sheldon Lavin became the OSI Group partner in 1975 after serving as the company investment consultant since 1970 in its capitalization effort.

After taking over the mantle of the company, Sheldon Lavin applied his exceptional skills expanding the company to neighboring countries, and later he tapped into international markets. Their first taste of global markets was in Europe opening facilities in Germany and Spain. OSI group broke the complicated multinational segment and tremendously grew to become an international icon with a turnover of 6.1billion dollars in sales. It ranked number 58 by Forbes as the most significant America private companies.

Sheldon Lavin has tapped the Asia and Europe continent adding more products to its portfolio and embracing the revolving world. The company facilities are equipped with the latest technology and amenities, and Sheldon Lavin has ensured his employee enjoy the best working conditions and benefits. Sheldon Lavin has recognized growth opportunities; technology innovations and superior client’s relations making OSI group a business giant.

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The Growth of OSI Industries: A Food Production Giant

How did OSI Industries — a Top 100 Food Company — come to be the massive enterprise that they are today? OSI encompasses an impressive 65 facilities spread over 17 countries, and it has become synonymous with foodservice goods. OSI Industries didn’t appear by happenstance, the company has been working its way to the top for years. In fact, OSI started as Otto & Sons a meat market in West Chicago. Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, came to the country during the great German migration. He settled on opening a small butcher and meat supply shop, which over the years grew due to its impeccable quality and selection.

Otto & Sons story may have died out as a local butcher and meat shop, however, in 1955 Kroc opened the first McDonalds franchise. Kroc had made a deal with Harry and Arther, the sons of Otto Kolschowsky, to supply the beef products for the growing franchise. Of course, as we all know, McDonald’s exploded. Otto & Sons were ready to meet the demand. Rebranding themselves as OSI, the company responded to the McDonalds growth by meeting it with new facilities in various North American cities.

OSI started to become more and more geared towards growth during this period. The sons of Otto were nearing retirement and the company brought in new management that was prepared to take OSI Industries global. And global it went. The insane growth of OSI was market by its ability to form partnerships with companies overseas as well as make key acquisitions during its early and later stages.

One such acquisition came with the Acquisition of Baho Foods in 2016. Baho is a standout, not because of the particulars of its portfolio (though it is plenty diversified) but because of its control over Dutch and German factories. These are key markets in the food services game. Of course, the portfolio growth wasn’t bad either. OSI has a heavy focus on portfolio expansion, a trend that can be seen in their continued growth and their consistent creation of testing and creation labs. These labs give OSI a way to cater to the specific needs of a growing food service industry that has an emphasis on variety and uniqueness.

OSI Industries is a great example of a company that has outgrown its humble beginnings. The Baho food acquisition is a great example of how OSI is leveraging its assets to produce continued growth. OSI is a company worth keeping an eye on if you are interested in the growth of the foodservice industry and the products that are offered by foodservice icons such as Papa Johns and McDonald’s.

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Randal Nardone and The Formative Elements in His Career That Fueled His Success

There could be so many insight, perspectives, opinions and critical analysis of the leadership of Randal Nardone in his co-founder role for Fortress Investment Group, which is one of the world’s largest alternative asset management companies today. It seems to many people that the fact that Mr. Nardone had been in the Forbes Billionaire’s list is also a good indication that what he could share has a lot of pith and wisdom in it. In other words, we should at least hear out Randal Nardone’s experience in running Fortress Investment Group, and the things that he underwent during his work experience.

The Fortress Investment Experience

In 1998, Randal Nardone co-founded Fortress Investment Group as a company that helps people direct their funds and assets to more propitious paths. In that role, he played as the Principal of Fortress Credit Corporation, and it is with his work there that he was able to establish the company to its leading path. While at Fortress, he also served as the Vice President and Secretary of what is commonly called the Newcastle Investment Holdings, LLC. His being a co-founder also gave him the tasks to handle the operations of the Fortress Registered Investment Trust. Truly, he’s a man of many skills, expertise, and responsibilities, and this is exactly why he has been successful enough to be part of the Forbes Billionaire’s List.


It is said that a leadership of a person is only as good as the kind of education that he got. With his training at the University of Connecticut for his BA degree and the law degree at the Boston University School of Law, Randal Nardone has established himself as a great leader both in formal education and real-life training.

About Randal Nardone

Other than the positions above, we should also not to forget to include here that from 2008 to Present, Mr. Nardone is also the active Non-Executive Director at Alea Group Holdings Bermuda Ltd. His position as Director at Florida East Coast Holdings Corp is also another noteworthy experience in his credentials that make him a quite experienced leader that doesn’t bow down to any kind of failure or challenge.It’s also hard to imagine the level of success that Mr. Nardone experiences so far without at least considering some of the other affiliations he has that has made his success possible. These affiliations include being part of SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd. and Aircastle Limited.

Barbara Stokes’ GSH; the Ideal and Affordable Problem Solver for natural Disaster

Life is unpredictable. For example, when natural disaster looms into people’s livelihood, misfortunes can occur and this can be quite difficult to withstand if there is no support from the community. When it comes to mentioning individuals who have positively impacted on such people’s lives, Barbara Stokes tops the list. Described a hardworking woman who invests time and effort to help people channel their thoughts to devising viable structures for natural calamities, Stokes is the head cheerleader of Green House Structures. Read more at Business Insider.

The Background

As a leader at Green House Structures, Stokes has passionately helped people by rescuing them from disaster through transitory home structures. These structures are not only easy to build but also take a short period of time to complete. Over and above, they have a broad spectrum of use especially when they have been constructed for convenient use. Moreover, the set up can be used especially as business structures with the intention to reinstate enterprises and preserve their general appearance.


In 2017, Hurricane Harvey swept off property in Dallas. Ranked as the second costliest natural disaster in the same category, it triggered a turbulent tornado that destroyed buildings in Alabama and its surroundings. Even so, a few people were able to evade the effects of the storm.

Besides, Alabama’s manufacturers are handy and creative. When disaster struck, they initiated a project that saw them assemble new buildings as well as other resources for victims of Hurricane Harvey. At that point, Green Structure Homes worked on the production of modular houses in October. Consequently, the company was awarded a $28 million contract. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Overview of Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes is innovative and creative. She is not only a business leader but a trend setter in the department of natural disasters. The alumnus of Mercer University majored in physics and biomedical engineering. Additionally, she majored in manufacturing then property development and material’s structures. Having studied those disciplines, she honed her skills in public and commercial property development. Stokes is therefore a revered business leader and head of Green House Structures. As such, she is a role model for emerging entrepreneurs.


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We Are Generation Youth

The path to the top is seldom so easy, and many would contend that nothing earned without pain is worth having. For Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, coming out of retirement with their successful histories in enterprise was a great step toward their philanthropic worldviews but also a risky maneuver. As they’ve shown, risks like these are worth taking when your conviction burns hotter than the fear of failure, and to this day, the multi-level marketing (MLM) platform is poised for worldwide recognition as a fast-growing alternative to conventional age-stopping techniques.

Jeunesse Global was given its first heartbeat in September 9, 2009 as the spry duo briskly stepped from the protection of retirement and into a new world of age-reversal products that would be made available to people everywhere. The company has since burgeoned into a successful name that sells a highly researched and well-developed nine-point anti-aging system — the Youth Enhancement System — to help people understand how important it is to maintain the life in their years with the contemporary hazards that we face now.

The Nine Steps

The Youth Enhancement System is completely natural and formed from proprietary blends that Jeunesse’s own researchers developed from scientifically verified results. While it’s not intended to replace essential prescription treatments, the following that Jeunesse has amassed is a testament that the results are satisfying. One would assume that Randy and Wendy were on to something.

In an array of mediums, the Youth Enhancement System is applied to users in a variety of ways:

  • Gel packs
  • Powder blends
  • Juices
  • Edibles
  • Topical creams

The better half of the nine products that are offered within the system use different mediums of capitalize on the body’s absorption methods, which is essential to ensuring that their product is effective. The range of benefits includes:

  • More restful sleep, quicker wakefulness and day-long energy
  • Mood-lifting and mind-sharpening supplements
  • Skin-clearing creams that eliminate blemishes almost immediately while preventing them from returning in the long run
  • Superfood mixes that uniquely enhance the functionality of the immune system to engage recovery
  • Antioxidant blends with loads of antioxidants to slow the aging process down the road