Talk Fusion Continues To Provide Excellence

Talk Fusion adds the experience of a face to face message to email through its app, Fusion On The Go, now in iTunes and Google Play stores. Whether it is a newsletter to an entire email list or a response to a supplier or client, adding a video message can make a simple email seem more personalized. Some things are just easier to explain through video than through text, such as which logo works better in various mediums or how to fix a glitch on a computer or website. Video messages are also more entertaining than reading an email. Modern web users have short attention spans and are more likely to get their information from a video where it is told to them than from taking the time to read about something. Talk Fusion allows a person to create a video in the app or upload a video recorded elsewhere, choose from a supply of available email templates, add text to the email, and send it, all from the convenience of their mobile device or computer.

Bob Reina, who founded the company in 2007 after over twenty-five years of network marketing experience, is committed to being a step ahead of the industry and strives to always have the best technology available. An example of that is while Web Real-Time Communication technologies like FaceTime and web phone services were just starting out, Talk Fusion was already integrating the technology into their software, allowing video chat through their app. Reina saw the potential for the video chat software while it was still being developed and offered it to his clients before other businesses even understood the technology. Although it can be used for calls to family, the app is great for communicating with clients or team members for a quick conference or if time and distance do not allow a meeting. One person sets up a private and secure meeting room and invites other members to the video meeting, allowing meetings on any mobile device connected to the internet and even international meetings. Once created, the members can return to the room whenever they want to meet again. With no ads on the app, the ability to save conversations for later reference, and unlimited messaging, it is no surprise that Fusion On The Go is an industry favorite. Learn more:

Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics & The Never-ending Fight Against Cancer

The fight against cancer seems to be never-ending to some degree. This particular disease has been a thorn in the medical industry’s side for years and years. Its damaging effects have caused people to lose their limbs, lose their livelihood and lose their lives. Fortunately, today is a new day and some of the best cancer-fighting medications are being used on a consistent basis. These medications fall under the umbrella of antibody-based therapies. Also referenced to as targeted-cancer therapies, these medications deliver much more impressive results than their predecessors. When it comes to producing some of the best therapies, Seattle Genetics sits atop the apex in prominence.

Seattle Genetics is a Washington-based company that falls under the oncology term. It researches, it develops, and it commercializes antibody-drug conjugates. CEO Clay Siegall is the leader here, and he is also the company’s president and founder. Siegall has been in the industry for a long time that spans back three decades. “Having enough ambition to work intensely is how you succeed,” says Siegall. Seattle Genetics displays this notion to the highest degree. In present time, the company has a robust pipeline that’s full of advanced medications. This pipeline has up to 20 new drugs as well as a plethora of strategic partnerships. These partnerships will be used to distribute the goods to those who need it. This is the new wave of targeted-cancer therapies. “Chemotherapies and other systemic treatments are headed for the dust bin,” says Siegall.

Restoring good health to those who truly need it is the goal. Siegall’s late-father suffered from this disease for years. Past treatments like Chemotherapy are extremely taxing on a human’s system. Anemia, radical surgery and amputation are simply not acceptable in today’s medical community and this is why targeted-cancer therapies were invented.

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Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis Shares Journey to Spirituality

If you are looking for a haven to pursue the way of Christ, then Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis is the right place to consider. The church was established with the right vision in mind. Like a typical, functioning organization that requires guidance and management for the team to excel, Mighty Fortress Church has a team of managers to keep the congregation on the right path. The church has been serving Christians for over five years, and from their feedback, pastors and service facilitators are supportive of their spiritual journey. Read more on


Mighty Fortress Church’s vision is to build a dynamic church within the Northern geographical areas of Minneapolis. The church would also like to expand its territory to the metro area. The purpose of the church is to make the Disciples of Christ follow his teachings. Mighty Fortress Church has a strong support team for people who may be experiencing life’s challenges. The support system provides guidance on how to address the quoted challenges.


Spirituality is a personal issue. However, the role of a church in it seeks to foster spirituality by providing a comfortable environment. Such is the purpose of Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis. The choir is strong enough to use hymns in sharing Christ’s love and teachings. Additionally, the choir provides a strong support system for every member who seeks Christ in honesty. The life-changing experience provides individuals with a new, spiritual, feeling.



As a team that loves God, Mighty Fortress Church’s vision is to maintain as well as develop an atmosphere that promotes Christ’s work. The church also focuses on forgiveness, love and the acceptance of each other. Mighty Fortress Church is all about loving and encouraging one another through life’s challenges. The church supports ministries nationally as well as internationally.


The era of technology use has brought forth the use of modern books and online platforms in acquiring knowledge. Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis uses books and editorials to disseminate spiritual knowledge to masses. Behind the management of the church is Bishop Thomas Williams, the founder, and lead executive. He graduated from Rhema Bible Training. He also attended North Central University for a bachelor’s degree in mass communication. Thomas Williams is a committed spiritual leader. He uses his talent to empower Christians. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.

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Rodrigo Terpins: Renowned Rally Driver

Rally driving is an extreme sport that is gaining popularity in Brazil. One of the most well-known enthusiasts of rally driving in the country is Rodrigo Terpins, who has been practicing his driving skills ever since he was a kid. He founded the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, and he has been joining several rally driving competitions both locally and internationally. This year, Rodrigo Terpins once again competed at the Sertoes Rally, and he has shown his determination in competing against other racers. Rodrigo Terpins allotted several months for training and practicing, and he also invited his brother, Michel Terpins, to race with him.

The Sertoes Rally is one of them most important events for someone who is enthusiastic about rally driving. The event is currently in its 25th year, with the first race taking place back in 1993. More than 200 racers from across the globe gather in Brazil to join the competition, and there at least 100 types of vehicles that are being entered in the competition to race. This year, the competition will be taking place in the Midwestern states of Brazil, covering a total distance of 3,000 kilometers. Rodrigo Terpins and his crew would also be driving a T1 Prototype, a kind of vehicle created by his friends in the automobile industry which would display the best power.

Rodrigo Terpins is also supported by his father, Jack Terpins, a former basketball star in the country. It was his father who encouraged him and his brother to become rally drivers, and he never failed to remind them that they would have to practice and train to pursue their dreams and become successful in their chosen field. You can visit their website

At the race proper, Rodrigo Terpins and Michel Terpins exerted all of their effort to win the competition. They have won two out of the three competition stages, but they would have to strive more to win the title. They also encountered a lot of problems during the race, but it never dampened their spirit to win. In the end, the Terpins brothers came in at the 4th place for those who are using the T1 Prototype, and they are overall in the 10th place for all types of vehicles.

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Tony Petrelllo philanthropic acts in Texas

When Hurricane Harvey struck Houston, there was an urgent appeal for support from well-wishers to help in the rescue mission that was going on. Individuals, as well as business entities, came together to provide overwhelming support for their colleagues affected by the storm. One business entity that featured prominently in the rescue mission is Nabors Industries. Nabors is a drilling firm that has its headquarters in Texas. It is a global company. Led by CEO Tony Petrello, the firm decided to send its employees to the rescue to assist in various ways they saw fit. The group of employees who participated in the rescue mission decided to set up an area where they would cook and deliver hot food to those participating in the rescue mission as well as those who were being rescued.

The employees including the CEO, Tony Petrello also contributed money to help in the mission. Nabors Industries under the leadership of Tony Petrello has been doing a lot in supporting community initiatives. The company has been making contributions to humanitarian organizations in the country. They have also been establishing projects where they can help directly. Tony Petrello who believes in giving has transformed the firm into leading philanthropic firm in the country. As a person who is involved in philanthropic initiatives personally, he has brought in that practice in the business organization.Tony Petrello who was born in New Jersey but now lives in Texas has spent a huge portion of his wealth in supporting a medical center at the Texas Children Hospital.

This is a center that has been started to alleviate the neurological problems in children. The research center has recruited the services of top medical practitioners who he is hoping will help the facility in coming up with a solution to neurological problems in children. Many neurological problems usually result from malfunctioning of the brain. The effect is a high number of children who have physical and mental disabilities. Tony Petrello who has a daughter who is suffering from such a condition has seen his daughter fail to do the easiest tasks such as talking and walking due to the brain disorder.Tony Petrello together with his wife has been giving this initiative their all since they see it as the only hope for their daughter. They have been to the biggest hospitals in the world, and none can deal with the neurological diseases.