Trabuco, A Game Changer In The History Of War

Trabuco is a weapon that was used during a siege. It was capable of firing projectiles over the walls into the enemy’s territory. It was also able to propel stones that would demolish walls creating an entry for soldiers. Trabuco and the catapult share similarities although its pioneers, the Chinese, got the idea from the sling. They thought that a larger version of the sling would cause more damage to their rivals thus its inception.

The Trabuco was a terrifying and precise weapon during the middle ages, it was cheap to maintain and easy to manufacture, but the damage it inflicted was catastrophic. During the crusades, the westerners saw the workings of the Trabuco and were impressed. When they went back to Europe, they incorporated it in their warfare arsenal. Despite the fact that its main use was for war, prisoners would sometimes be punished by being flung across the air with the Trabuco landing to their death. According to Generals at times ordered their army to fling the heads of the captured and killed enemy combatants back to their base as a sign of psychological torture.


Trabuco was easy to operate, depending on the number of men who would load the stone and use their strength to pull the string and release. Its ability to lift and catapult massive stones than normal human arms was a key selling point. Trabuco appliance entailed the transformation of gravitational energy into kinetic energy as it went through the air to its objective making it a very effective weapon. An army that had it in their cache had the upper hand in a fight. The only problem with using the Trabuco was striking its target since it did not have a directional system thus it would miss its intended mark.

During the 4th, 5th and 6th centuries, the Trabuco became a game changer during a battle, and any army that sought to conquer a new town or penetrate a fortress needed it in their arsenal. The discovery of the gunpowder, however, put an end to the use of the Trabuco since using gunpowder in a canon was more precise in striking its mark and did not need a lot of manpower.


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Healthcare And Its Upcoming Technological Improvements With Drew Madden

Technology has grabbed ahold of a permanent spot in human society – we have social media platforms with multiple billions of users, search engines to answer just about any question, and anything else we could ask for.


Healthcare has latched onto technology to help smooth regular procedures. Here are three means of technological improvement 2018 has in store for the healthcare field.


Documentation Of Clinical Forms For Denials Will Get More Detailed


It’s widely known that insurance providers sometimes deny their customers for coverage of specific procedures, medications, and services of healthcare professionals. Further, it’s important that insurers start documenting reasons for denials more thoroughly than ever before to back up their claims. Expect obtaining such documents from healthcare providers more difficult than in the past, although healthcare providers don’t mean anything bad by it.


Governance Of Information In Healthcare Entities


Without meaningful policies in place regarding data retention, it’s difficult for healthcare providers to know exactly how to store information. As a result, it’s oftentimes easy for criminals to steal patient data through the Internet, or even by wrongly finding their ways onto such facilities’ IT infrastructures.


Hospitals and practices will begin to grow strong information governance programs to help beef up their cybersecurity protocol. View More Information Here.


Patient Outcomes Likely To Ascend Upwards


Technology has already helped physicians more accurately diagnose and treat patients’ health problems. However, as technology and associated diagnosing software becomes more affordable, more physicians are likely to turn to digital means of diagnosing tough cases, if not virtually all cases.


Drew Madden


The world of healthcare is fortunate to have Drew Madden near the forefront of its information technology needs, a position he’s secured for nearly a decade. Mr. Drew Madden went to the University of Iowa, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from the Midwestern university’s College of Engineering.


After focusing in medical systems in his studies, he helped grow Nordic Consulting Partners from just $1 million in yearly gross receipts to a whopping $130 million. He began working for the consulting firm in 2010, then was promoted to president in 2011. Mr. Drew Madden stayed with Nordic Consulting Partners until 2016, when he moved onto Evergreen Healthcare Partners.


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Tying Together A Global Team Of Experts Is A Job At OSI Group

The global marketplace has grown by leaps and bounds. In the information age of today, all those who work in the field of business must be truly capable of responding effectively. Many companies today, such as OSI Group, have responded to the possibilities of a global marketplace by embracing it happily. However, this global organization that is headquartered in Aurora, IL also has offices in places such as India, China, Germany and the United Kingdom. As a company with a developing global network, they are well aware of the need to continue to tie together the diverse parts of their operations into one coherent whole. This is why those at the company have increasingly sought out employees who share their global vision. Those who have a background in fields with a global bent such as information technology will find that a career here at OSI Group can help provide them with the career they have always wanted.

Global Vision

When CEO David G. McDonald took over operations, he realized there was a great deal of potential in the market. OSI Group takes raw materials like vegetables and meat products and creates items that people love eating. Under the president’s leadership, the company has forged important links with companies that also have global outlets. They offer high quality beef products for companies such as McDonald’s and Subway. In the process, they have created a global network that helps such companies offer reliable food items that customers can count no matter where they are at any given time. In order to facilitate the delivery of products from one area to the next, all those at the company must be aware of specifics involved such as how to transport food items across many time zones.

Workers also need to be aware of other issues that may arise as they work with their end users. This includes the need to be aware of the varied food regulations that may impact the delivery of foods from one region to the next. Quality and attention to detail remain at the top of any list when it comes to managing this important process. Employees who work here need to know exactly where any given shipment is located as it is brought from the fields and ultimately put on the plate. A global team of experts serves as the backbone of the company’s successful global marketplace team efforts.

Big Data Will Reach Healthcare More In 2018 Believes Drew Madden

If you were going to ask for an opinion about healthcare information technology, you would be hard-pressed to find someone more knowledgeable than Drew Madden. Madden has worked in the industry for years, but he has also proved his chops as an entrepreneur in the same industry. He knows how things work, and he is always trying to work to improve them. As far as what 2018 looks like for healthcare, here are some things that Drew Madden and all the rest of us might expect to see happen.


Drew Madden outstandingly stands out in the healthcare field. He is a high caliber Healthcare IT investor who is keen on nurturing solid client partnerships. Mr. Drew Madden started his exploration into the industry by focusing on Medical Systems with a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Iowa College of Engineering. He’s also interested in improving the healthcare culture. Currently, Madden is one of the managing partners at Evergreen Healthcare Partners.


Analytics Become More Powerful


The use of analytics has taken over just about every aspect of our lives. There are private companies galore that use our analytic information to try to sell us things, so why not use that information to improve our health as well? That is the thought process for a lot of healthcare companies going in to 2018.


There is so much patient-specific information available to healthcare providers. It is a wonder that there has not been more done to use the information out there already. It is entirely possible to get at that information and use it to create more accurate treatments for each individual.


Privacy Gets Better


Most of us do not like the idea of our personal health information possibly falling into the wrong hands. There are laws about this kind of thing, but that does not mean it doesn’t happen sometimes. On the contrary, a lot of health information is far from secure at the moment. As a nation we have to do better about this. Thus, you can expect that privacy is going to be upgraded in a lot of ways when it comes to our health information. Technology can lock more of this information down and let us all feel a little better about now having leaks get out.


These are two big things that you might as well go ahead and expect to happen in 2018 in healthcare. Bear in mind that all of this is yet to come to pass but keep an eye out for the very real possibility of this happening. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Lori Senecal’s Advertising Triumphs

Risk is a big thing nowadays and in the world of practicing digital marketing – taking risks is wholly recommended. Most companies or corporations using the internet to advertise their crafts succeed when they push the boundaries of their advertising campaigns. The rivalry in the digital world often undermines the traditional ways of advertising. And in order to get attention creative methods like guerilla advertising techniques are better since they also come out better when put into print, social media advertising and website.

At CP+B or Crispin, Porter and Bogusky, the agency’s top talent team, headed by Lori Senecal, is changing the advertising industry by skillfully combining compulsive rule breakers, coders, advertising professionals, technologists and social media channels to strategically plan campaigns that would match the aggressive and unstable times within the digital marketing world.

This suggests that a PB+E campaign must include certain standards in order to gain marketing success, and these are: reaching the target audience, delivering a message that audiences understand which encourage them to know more and moving them to take action.

According to GC Report, since the experience of a user is crucial, CP+E remind and urge all team members to be creative in their advertising approach by taking into consideration native advertising, virtual reality, and multicultural advertising that ordinary users can easily have access to and share. Opposed to the guerilla kind of advertising, the approach is simple in concept but effective for the target customer because it is available on one or several media forums that have creative content and images that are associated with the customer’s lifestyle.

It is likewise significant to take note that the execution of advertising campaigns must support and reflect current trend in the market. Several current trends involve: proper mixture of bolder colors with unexpected blends, easy to navigate using mobile phones, able to stimulate emotional response, use of humor, and recognizing the importance of women.

Lori Senecal is the CEO of CP+B and is the driving force that propelled the company in its expansion since 2015. Lori believes that the efficient implementation of strategies and the quality of ideas are the proper ingredients for a successful venture. Her term with the agency has seen to its phenomenal growth from 250 employees to over 900 employees posted worldwide. Through Lori Senecal’s meticulous guidance, CB+P have acquired major accounts such as PayPal, American Airlines, Infiniti, and Hershey’s among others.

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More Than Mushroom Coffee to Organo Gold

You may have read about the “mushroom coffee” trend in articles in publications like Fast Company and Business Insider. If so, you know the specific ingredient in these coffees is an extract from the Ganoderma genus of mushrooms. Mushroom coffee doesn’t taste like mushrooms, and the Ganoderma ingredient can be mixed in with a wide variety of products, from coffees and teas to supplements and smoothie powders. Watch this video on Youtube.

“Ganoderma” means “shining skin” in Greek. Also called shelf mushrooms because of their long, flat shape, these fungi have long been used in some of the traditional medical practices of Asia. Contemporary allopathic medicine is looking into a wide variety of potential health benefits from consuming Ganoderma, from antioxidant activity to possible effects on high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and the regulation of the immune system.

Organo Gold started out with a simple mission to make a great-tasting coffee product incorporating Ganoderma extracts. The company launched in British Columbia in 2008 and now sells in more than 50 countries around the world. What started out as a coffee company now divides its products into the Beverages, Body Management, and Personal Care categories.

Coffee lovers can, of course, still purchase their favorite Organo Gold coffee products with Ganoderma. These include Organo Gold’s Café Latte, Café Mocha, Café Supreme, Gourmet Black Coffee, and King of Coffee options. King of Coffee is an instant coffee beverage containing Ganoderma spores. The Gourmet Black Coffee variety has no added sweeteners or lighteners for those who want to customize their own coffee. Flavored options, like the Café Mocha, need only water added and are ready to drink.

Organa Gold also offers its Hot Cocoa mix. This caffeine-free beverage mix can be a treat for the whole family. As with other Organo beverage mixes, the Ganoderma adds a serving of fiber for an added health boost.

Those who prefer tea may want to try Organa Gold’s Ganoderma-containing tea varieties. These include organic green tea bags, organic red tea bags, and the Black Ice formulation that makes iced black tea, ideal for warmer weather.

Body management products include smoothie mixes, herbal dietary supplements, and FENIX energy drink powders. Organo Gold’s personal care line that includes a toothpaste and a soap that both incorporate Ganoderma lucidum. Visit to know more.

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