Bob Reina: He Has People and Animal Skills

If there is one thing that Bob Reina prides himself on, it is the ability to connect with people. That has never been a problem for him, and it never will be a problem for him because he understands people and animals alike. That is half the battle for a lot of people. They need to step up to the plate and be there for people when they share their story. When they are going through a tough time, they need someone that is going to show them a better way of life and a better way to live. It is how Bob Reina looks at life, which is always from a positive point of view.


Nothing was ever accomplished with a bad attitude or a bad approach to life. When someone is positive and looking at things from the right state of mind, they can accomplish anything. Bob Reina created and founded Talk Fusion all the way back in 2007, and now they have reached the decade mark. That is something to be very proud of: longevity. It is one thing to start a company, but it is another thing to see it grow and build as the years go on and generate more customers. Right now, they have 30-day free trials for people that are looking to try out this video communications company.


Bob Reina is confident they will not be disappointed when they get their hands on the video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. As a matter of fact, they will be blown away by what they see and what they discover. They will see new ways to impact their life and make it a lot more enjoyable. Bob Reina is also making life a lot more enjoyable for animals at the Tampa Bay Humane Society with his donation of over one million dollars recently. He has done kind things like this in the past as well where he has picked up the tab for people that had big vet bills.


Bob Reina does not want praise and he does not have an ego. He just truly cares. Learn more:


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End Citizens United Against Foreign Money In Politics

The reports that a Russian company bought political ads on Facebook in an attempt to influence the United States presidential election in 2016 is common to many Americans. After the elections, numerous committees were established to investigate and give their findings on the connection between Kremlin and Donald Trump’s campaign. Since then, Robert Mueller, a Special Counsel has been regularly providing evidence to the claims.

The American electoral laws prohibit foreign bodies from contributing to and interfering with the political campaigns. However, implementing the law is difficult. This is because the implementers of the campaign laws on finance are relaxed and not performing their duties as required. Some activists and lawyers also moved to court to oppose laws that bar foreign entities from interfering with the United States campaigns. As a result, a small group of individuals including non-Americans now have a say in the country’s political process. Muller brought to light $100,000 that was used in the digital ad campaign. It is certain that there were other foreign players who interfered with the electoral process apart from Russia.


The loophole in the government that has resulted in these interferences are as a result of the laxity present in all the three arms of the government. The Supreme Court decision in 2010 on the Citizens United versus the Federal Election Commission case provided room for foreign donations which it referred to as “speech”. The ruling allowed corporations, advocacy groups, and labor unions to donate huge sums of money without limit to the campaigns. Money in most occasions corrupts politics since donors spend a lot of money in the elections expecting a favor in return. Without a limit on the amount of money to be donated, bribing politicians becomes easy.

In an effort to restore the condition, the Democrats have set measures to limit political spending. They have established the DISCLOSE Act and the Get Foreign Money out of U.S Elections Act to control the spending. They are also asking the Supreme Court to revert their 2010 ruling. The politicians are being supported by the End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is an organization working towards reducing the influence of foreign money in the United States elections. The non-profit organization was founded in 2010 after Supreme Court ruling that allowed corporations to donate unlimited funds to candidates of their choice in the campaigns. Political action committee has grassroots supporters. End Citizens United aims at restoring the American democracy by uncovering not only dark money but also corruption practices that interfere with the American election process.

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Jeremy Goldstein Explains How Corporations Can Benefit From Knockout Options

Most companies are foregoing stock options owing to the complex reasons shrouded in saving money. Jeremy Goldstein states that stock options are better than equities, additional wages and insurance coverage since they provide equivalent value to all workers. Additionally, stock options encourage employees to work hard to increase the share value of the company, thus boost their personal earnings. Jeremy explains that corporations can use the “Knockout” option to continue benefiting from stock options.

Knockout options have the properties of other options, only that they expire once their share value drops below a specific amount. The knockout mechanism is perfect for volatile stocks as their initial accounting costs are reduced. In addition, these options lower the risk of investors facing overhang threats from options that cannot be exercised. With Knockout options, companies can benefit from accurate and lower executive compensation packages.

Jeremy Goldstein is a Partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. For over 15 years, the executive has gained immense knowledge and expertise on legal matters, especially business law. Through Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, the law expert has initiated major transactions for leading brands such as Duke Energy, Verizon, Chevron, Merck and Bank One.

Prior to establishing his law firm, Jeremy Goldstein served as a partner at Wachtell, Lipton Rosen & Katz, a renowned law firm. During his tenure at the firm, Jeremy concentrated on executive compensation, corporate governance and mergers and acquisitions. He rendered his services for the firm between 2000 and 2014. Previously, the lawyer worked as an associate at Shearman & Sterling LLP for a year. He holds a Juris Doctor from the esteemed New York University School of Law and a Master’s Degree from the University of Chicago. Jeremy Goldstein is also an alumnus of Cornell University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Notably, Jeremy serves on the board of Fountain House, an authoritative law journal.


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