How We Use Securus Technologies to Solve Cold Cases

My job as a fugitive hunter is stressful to say the least. If I know that a suspect is in our town and committing crimes, each day he is allowed to roam the streets just puts too many people in harm’s way. If I can not close the case, I feel I have failed myself and my community. This month we were given a case that really commanded my full attention.


A suspect in a cold case was being released from jail this month, and he already had a long history of violence. The problem was that all the witnesses in his case would either disappear or have a change of heart. We suspected he was sending people to threaten the families of the witnesses, but we could never put the evidence together to prove the charges.


When I was informed Securus Technologies had installed a new inmate call monitoring system in the local jail, I thought it could be the ears we needed to gather evidence in this case before a suspect was freed. Securus Technologies is so effective at helping officers to make their jails safer, it is already installed in over 2,600 jails around the country. That and the fact the company objective is to make the world safer just solidified my thinking this was the only way to catch our suspect.


We let it known we discovered a new witness who was going to shed light on the fact this suspect was behind the crimes he was charged. Once the inmates got word, it wasn’t long before our suspect took to the phones. The LBS software detected him telling an associate to give our fake witness a visit. Not only did we arrest the thug, that call provided us evidence to keep the suspect in jail long enough to have his properly prosecuted.


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Todd Lubar: A New Dawn for the Real Estate Market

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Smart homes have always been viewed as a luxury for the rich. However, this is about to change. According to the latest reports published by TechSci Research, smart homes will be a normal thing by 2021. Smart homes will come as an advantage for people with disabilities. This is enabled through the use of switch controls. In addition, there will also be an added bonus for elderly people. An individual can monitor an elderly person’s motion through the use of motion-sensing walls and force-detecting floors. One of the smart homes experts, Todd Lubar believes in the use of technology to better our homes.

Mr. Lubar believes honesty is the best policy when dealing with clients. He has been in the real-estate business for over 20 years. He considers himself a great leader and is able to determine the strength of each of his team members. He is able to conquer challenges by using his gut instinct.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is currently the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. He graduated from the University of Syracuse where he attained his B.A. in speech communication. He has worked hard to be a good leader. Visit GC Report for the details.

Career Life

Apart from being the President of TDL Global Ventures, Mr. Lubar also serves as the Sr. Vice President of Legendary Investments. In the beginning of his career, Todd Lubar worked for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He later joined Legacy Financial Group where he helped them boost their production in big margins. In 2005, he joined Charter Funding where he took up the position as the Senior Vice President. Check out Inspirery to know more.

He has been named in the top 25 mortgage originators, which is a big achievement. Todd Lubar not only has an interest in real-estate but also entertainment, mortgage banking industries, and construction. He seeks to help people achieve their financial goals. Just like Google dominates the search engine, Todd Lubar believes there is a capacity for someone to dominate house-finding space. He takes pride in his work and in helping his clients. Todd Lubar recommends for everyone to read “The Magic of Thinking Big.”

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Karl Heideck’s Explanation of the Wells Fargo Lawsuit

Karl Heideck's Explanation of the Wells Fargo Lawsuit

Karl Heideck’s Explanation of the Wells Fargo Lawsuit

If you want to learn more about the current state of legal affairs, it pays to stay abreast of the big lawsuits that pop up every now and then. When it comes to the city of Philadelphia, they have recently filed a lawsuit against banking giant Wells Fargo. In order to learn more about this lawsuit and the type of potential repercussions that are in place as a result, you will need to consider some of the research and reporting that has been done into this lawsuit.

With that in mind, Philadelphia attorney Karl Heideck has a great understanding of this lawsuit and is able to provide some clarity for people who want to learn more.

What is the basis of the lawsuit?

This lawsuit was filed by the city of Philadelphia with allegations that the bank has been participating in predatory practices that disenfranchise or take advantage of minority loan borrowers. This is a lawsuit that was filed in May and is yet another domino dropping in the world of Wells Fargo, which has been embroiled in a series of other legal matters, bad PR and scandals.

Per the complaint, Philadelphia is asserting that the San Francisco-based bank unethically pushes black and Latino borrowers toward riskier loans that have very high interest rates. The lawsuit also alleges that Wells Fargo has put hurdles in place that make it difficult for people to refinance their loans once they realize that it does not suit them.

These are matters that will continuously play themselves out in a court of law and should be watched carefully.

Karl Heideck is a Philadelphia lawyer who got his start after graduating from Temple University. He is employed at Hire Counsel and currently works as a litigator dealing with compliance and risk management cases.

Karl Heideck graduated with honors and has had a stellar career.

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Improvement of Investment Management Sector with Matthew Autterson

Investment management is one of the better methods that investor’s use so they can accomplish a lot and enable them transforms their lives. Moreover, they also use charitable organization, retirement funds, and indemnity organization in order for them to accomplish more income hence enabling them successful.

Most organization are very successful and are best in the investment management division these are due to the better guidance they attain in order for them to get their objectives theses are increasing staff members investment set and also income, providing a better environment to the workers and treating workers better in the company. The organizations which are better in the investment management are Fidelity Investments Money Management Inc, Prudential Investment Management Inc and Goldman Sachs Asset Management LP.

Matthew Autterson as a wealthy and well known in specializing in the industry of investment management is one of the wonderful financial consultants who assist a lot of organization to develop. Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB) is one of the companies whereby Mattew Autterson served as the board member of directors. he as well studied at Michigan State University and attained B.S degree in Finance. First Trust Corporation is another organization whereby he served and also as a served in Colorado in the financial service industry.

Matthew Autterson when he resided in Colorado he was the co-founder of Resource Trust Company which is a state-chartered trust firm and later on in the year 1986 he became the president of Resource Trust Company. The corporation mostly focused on finance and also provided retirement asset services methods.

Due to the better management of Mathew Resource Trust Company was able to attain asset of $20 billion and also employed over 500 staff member hence transforming their lives. he as well ensured that he always attend to his client’s priority first.

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Eric Lefkofsky Changes Lives

Eric Lefkofsky is a man on a mission to make the world a better place. One of his top priorities is to help people deal with life after a cancer diagnosis. His latest foray into the business world includes a data-driven way to deal with treatments.

It’s Personal

Eric’s wife was diagnosed breast cancer, which created an atmosphere of fear for him and his family. They immediately wanted access to the data and all pertinent information, but found that nearly impossible. He went to work on solving that problem knowing that it could help people around the world.


Technology and data join together to form a perfect team. This union is called Tempus and is the result of Eric Lefkofsky’s desire to make life easier for cancer patients. It is designed to help with treatment plans and create understanding.

Business Experience

Tempus is only one part of a long list of business successes that are part of Mr. Lefkosfsky’s portfolio. His companies include Tempus, Lightbank, Groupon, Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorkings. His talents have taken him to the top of his field.


Educational opportunities started Eric down the path to success. He attended University of Michigan where he graduated with honors. Eric Lefkofsky later went on to receive a Juris Doctor from University of Michigan Law School.

Charity is Part of Success

Eric lives by the motto that success should be shared. He and his wife Liz established the Lefkofsky Foundation. It is a charitable trust that focuses on enhancing the lives of children around the globe by funding an array of causes. Community based organizations such as Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry, The Art Institute of Chicago, and Steppenwolf Theatre Company have benefited from Eric’s generosity.

Sharing With Others

One of the ways Eric has chosen to share with others is through his writings and teaching. He has taught classes at several universities and recently had a book published. His diverse knowledge has changed lives and he continues to be a driving force in today’s business world.