Fabletics: An Online Revolution in Ordering Athletic Wear

One of the things I’ve recently fallen in love with is the membership-based model of purchasing goods and services. I love knowing that a box of delicious, locally grown food is coming to my house each week. Similarly, I love not having to scour the racks of clothing stores looking for athletic wear that fits my style and needs. I am a frequent runner and also participate in class activities like Yoga and spinning, so finding clothes than can easily transition has always be a headache. Not to mention that I don’t particularly like going to stores to shop. The dressing room lighting is always harsh and I am always frantically checking my work email while I wait in extended lines only to receive sub-par customer service.


This is one of the reasons that I am among the millions of people that have become loyal to Fabletics. Owned and founded by actress and fitness junkie Kate Hudson, Fabletics delivers an adorable outfit to my door once a month (or more if I choose) that fits my unique needs and style.


If you haven’t checked out Fabletics yet, you can visit their website and take a very short quiz that uses an algorithm to determine your unique tastes: what is your style, what athletic activities do you enjoy, sizes, etc. From this profile, the company determines exactly what clothing will be best for your active life.


Possibly the best thing about the clothing line is that it is actually trendy – the pieces transition from gym to…wherever you may be going. My orders are typically bright and fun, as that is my personal style generated from the lifestyle quiz. However, friends of mine with a more muted style receive outfits that fit their personal style.


A recent CNBC article took a deep look into what Fabletics was doing so right that has allowed the company to generate $250 million in sales in just five years. One of the reasons that left the biggest impression was Kate Hudson’s unique style as the founder. She is truly hands on with her company and cites that as her second recommendation for achieving success. She also recommends to not be afraid to take risks and to motivate yourself to be constantly inspired by your passions.


Fabletics’ unique positioning as a brand that adopts reverse showrooming, or inviting people to a digital site rather than an actual store is resonating with people of all ages and has helped fueled the company’s success. The reverse showroom has also allowed the company to go head-to-head with online retailers like Amazon…and succeed greatly.

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Upscale Lingerie and More: Honey Birdette Adds Some Heat to Your Life

Apparently, Australia is invading the United States and the United Kingdom, and the people of both countries seem to approve. This invasion doesn’t explode bombs but instead causes eruptions of a different kind. All the excitement seems to emanate from the name Honey Birdette and the creations she shares with the world.

Honey Birdette is not a she, but a brand created in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan in Australia. The products the company sells include upscale sexy lingerie and the accessories that have been known to accompany this type of clothing in particularly pleasurable situations.

Honey Birdette does business both online and in retail stores. The brand is currently available in Australia at 55 locations, and the U.K. shoppers can visit three places; London’s Covent Garden, Westfield White City, and Leed’s Victoria Gate.

Recently the company decided to establish an e-commerce site dedicated to the U. S. The impetus for this decision was the 374% increase in sales over the previous twelve months. The plan is to make the customer experience more pleasurable by offering faster deliveries, skipping the delivery charges for orders over $50, extending the product lines, and creating a return policy that enhances ease of use.

The Honey Birdette management is so excited about the potential they have begun work on plans to bring retail locations to the U.S. They also want to up the store count in the U.K. by opening about 40 more stores by the end of 2018. It seems likely that over the next decade or so many Honey Birdette locations will pop up throughout Europe.

Miss Monaghan claims that she created the brand because she could not find the type of upscale lingerie she likes herself. In talking with friends, she found they had similar complaints, thus was born the name Honey Birdette. Shoppers love the products, enjoy the pampered pleasurable shopping experience at the stores, and one must assume that buying these products leads to happy customers and perhaps, happy endings?

For more information on Honey Birdette follow them on Facebook.

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The Riught Working Environment Is Important For Marc Sparks

The Dallas based entrepreneur Marc Sparks has spent the last few years building his Timber Creek Capital investment company brand he hopes will help startups from the state of Texas and beyond to achieve high levels of success. The telecommunications expert has been instrumental in leading a number of brands to success when they were merely startups looking for funding to get an idea off the ground; Timber Creek Capital has built an innovative team of individual finance specialists who work with Marc Sparks to ensure the 35 years of entrepreneurial experience of the investment specialist are used to assist as many startup businesses as possible in the future.


In 2016, the offices of Timber Creek Capital became the focus of the work of Mark Sparks as he felt those wishing to develop a business deserved a better quality experience than he felt his former office layout was providing. Sparks is a great believer in the effect of environment on the creative juices, which he believes flow best when the atmosphere around those looking to develop ideas is appealing and bright.


At Timber Creek Capital’s Dallas offices the entire layout of the space has been altered at the behest of Marc Sparks as he feels as much as 25 percent of overall entrepreneurial success can be achieved through the use of a positive and bright environment; an open layout has now been developed at Timber Creek Capital’s offices that allows the free flow of ideas to come about between the experts working with Marc Sparks and between the startups themselves. Sparks has always been a fan of the exchange of ideas and the thoughts of somebody working on the development of an entirely different project can often bring a new direction for an entrepreneur.


Marc Sparks has managed to establish himself as an entrepreneur and startup business specialist over the years as he has spent much of the last 35 years working to develop new businesses across the U.S. In his book, “They Can’t Eat You“, Marc Sparks explains he has had his own share of failures alongside the success he has had as a business innovator, but these missteps have allowed him to develop a well rounded career built on the ability to learn from mistakes. Choosing the wrong business location is part of the success achieved by Marc Sparks as he feels any company choosing the cheapest possible office space will often see the flow of ideas stunted by an environment not conducive to exchanging ideas in a healthy and caring way.


Take The Quiz With George Street Photo and Video NYC

A girl’s dream is to capture memories of their wedding in the best way possible. Using the latest editing tools and filming style, George Street Photo and Video may give a fantasy essence to any wedding. Videos are produced with production values that rival Hollywood.

The main deciding factor that goes into a wedding is personal style and flare. Although every one of us has our own style, it may be hard to express it using photos and videos. George Street offers an in-depth lifestyle quiz to help understand what their style really is. The team will review the quiz manually and will come up with a film strategy for the wedding.

You cannot go wrong with George Street Photo as they are the highest rated photographers on The Knot. With 1,600 reviews of mostly five stars, they are obviously the best choice for weddings in the New York City area.