The Exemplary Life And Achievements Of Hussain Sajwani

At an early age, everyone has dreams of what he or she would like to achieve, but eventually, life seems to lead one to his or her destiny. Hussain Sajwani wanted to pursue a medical career, but he ended up as one of the prominent businessmen and a recognized investor.

He is the Founder and the Chairman of DAMAC Properties, one of the top property development firms in Dubai. He was born in 1954 to a middle- class parents, and he pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering at the University of Washington. Since his father was an entrepreneur, Hussain’s interest in business started while working in his father’s watch shop at a tender age.

Sajwani Hussain began his career in GASCO as a Contracts Manager and worked for a short period before he started his business in 1982. His business focused on providing catering services, camp management, maintenance, and manpower supply.

From then, the company has been a market leader and it is currently managing more than 200 projects and serving 150,000 meals daily in Middle East, Africa and CIS.

Due to the great number of visitors who were coming to do business and trade in the Middle East, Hussain Sajwani identified a market opportunity and started DAMAC Properties in 2002. DAMAC deals with development of luxurious properties and prestigious projects in global cities like London, Beirut, and Dubai. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

It has also developed over 17,000 classy homes. Vijay Hussain’s leadership skills and strong education background has transformed the company from a small entity into a globally recognized property development firm.

To bring new and exciting brands to the market, DAMAC, as one of the top-rated property development firms in the Middle East, has partnered with most recognizable fashion and lifestyle brands. The Trump Organization is one of the brands that designed golf course under the project, Tiger Woods, in collaboration with Hussain’s DAMAC. This portrayed the close business relationship between Hussain and the USA President Donald Trump.

The growth of DAMAC has led to the introduction of a hospitality division, DAMAC Maison, to provide services in hotel rooms and apartments. Hussain Sajwani has also established investments companies like DICO and Al Jazeira Services, which have helped him generate a lot of money.

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Anthony Petrello; One Of The Top CEOs In The World

Anthony Petrello is the CEO, president, and chairman of Nabors Industries. Nabors was founded in 1986. It is the largest drilling contractor in the world. Petrello attended Yale University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Mathematics. Petrello went on to earn a J.D from Harvard Law School.

Petrello started his career as a lawyer at Baker & McKenzie after completing school. His work at the firm comprised of taxation, corporate law, and arbitration. He was promoted to managing partner of the New York office after seven years at the enterprise. Petrello was appointed the president and chief operating officer of Nabors Industries after he resigned from the law firm in 1991. This coincided with his election to the executive committee and the board of directors. He was promoted to CEO in 2011. Petrello was appointed the chair of the board a year later.

Petrello is the director of Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson LLC. Petrello is a Trustee of the Texas Children Hospital. He has been heavily involved in its activities. Tony Petrello and his wife pledged a commitment of $7 million to go to the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. The funds will go into conducting translational research at the institute that is located at the Texas Children’s Hospital. Their daughter known as Carena developed cerebral palsy because of a neurological disease caused by lack of oxygen in the brain. The couple has seen first-hand benefits of the treatment. Their daughter has shown progress.

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The Results Are In, WEN is Great for Fine Hair Textures

We have all seen the WEN infomercials on YouTube. They always show this beautiful woman that has had her problems with other hair care products. Then Chaz Dean comes in with WEN, washes, and then styles her hair. This leaves her feeling amazed at how one washing can make such a dramatic change. And we have all wondered if the results were real or not. This woman decided on trying WEN. She did her research and took the plunge and wanted to give WEN a week before she would decide on whether this product was what it stated or not. Bustle featured an article giving the day to day results of this woman. Click here to see her more detailed journey.

This young woman has beautiful hair but she falls in the fine hair texture group. Fine hair faces many challenges and volume seems to be the biggest. At first she was worried about how much product WEN suggested to use. It was more than she typically used with her previous hair cleansing and conditioning products. In just one day she noticed a change. Her hair was more springy, clean and shiny looking. That gave her some encouragement that WEN was what it stated to be. 7 Days later her review came in. WEN is great for everyday washers. During her trial run, for her she found that it was best to wash her hair in the mornings with it rather than at night.

Chaz Dean created the WEN product line, He is a salon owner in an upscale salon in Hollywood that caters to a wide variety of celebrities. WEN is a product that replaces up to 5 different hair care products that you would use daily. It cleanses the hair, conditions, deep conditions, acts as a leave in conditioner, and detangles.

For more info, visit the website.

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Clay Siegall And His Accomplishments In Cancer Research And Treatment

Seattle Genetics has been at the forefront leading research and fight against cancer. This company was founded by Clay Siegall in 1998. Siegall studied Genetics at George Washington University and zoology in the University of Maryland. His knowledge in cancer treatment has been acquired from the extensive experience gained in various institutions. The work performed by Siegall has had a positive effect globally due to his discovery and cancer therapy inventions.

Dr. Siegall is a pioneer in cancer research and therapeutic drug development programs. As a chief Executive officer in Seattle Genetics Company, he is actively involved to ensure that cancer patients get the best treatment. His passion in this field makes it possible to come up with helpful solutions to curb the illness. The advancements in cancer research and therapies conducted by Seattle Genetics are as a result of his tireless efforts

He has held several senior roles and participate in numerous programs and he was a has been a board member of reputable institutions like Ultragenyx. Previously, he had worked with several other pharmaceuticals and accomplished more successes in leadership positions. The interest and focus in cancer make him carry out more research to aid in reducing suffering encountered by cancer patients.

Due to his efforts, he has earned a number of awards from numerous institutions. He has a serious drive towards cancer treatment and he is actively involved in searching for better cancer therapy. In addition, Clay Siegall is involved in books publications and has written 67 books and holds more than nine patents. He also works on the Editorial Board of three scientific journals and is a member of the Board of Scientific Counselors for the Cancer Treatment Research Foundation.

The main concern that made him engage in major research activities and drug development is the desire to achieve change and alleviate suffering for cancer patients. Seattle Genetics Company in collaboration with another entity has invented antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), ADCETRIS® which was approved in 2011. A lot of mobilization has been done during his leadership to obtain funds for supporting Seattle Genetics. The funds helped in cancer research, treatment, and drug development using the modern technology.

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Giving Where it Counts, Dick DeVos

Previously, the only thing I had heard of Dick DeVos was his position as the President of the Windquest Group, a group he launched himself, and their ambitious venture in 2010 that aimed to convert the heat from their manufacturing process into usable electricity. Now, however, I am aware that he was also President of Amway from 1993 to 2002, and that he was also the former President and CEO of Orlando Magic in the NBA from 1991-1994. Along with his notable career, he is also a philanthropist, and he often gives trusting the organization to best know how to use the donation but he also has been known to take an active role in his philanthropy to cause specific and positive changes.


The largest percentage of DeVos’ philanthropy is on education and groups that encourage education reform. It is of great importance to him that quality education is provided to every student and not have it be reliant on the zip code. In his quest to make this ideal world a reality, he launched the West Michigan Aviation Academy in the fall of 2010. The curriculum focuses heavily on aviation specific engineering and assorted robotics to provide students with usable skills. The academy buses students from 7 different counties and touts a graduation rate of an impressive 86%. DeVos garners pride from the positive influence it is having on the students’ lives and the opinion of the parents instead of from its impressive test scores. He is more concerned with the people than the numbers.


To the University of Maryland, 22 million was given by DeVos and his wife Betsy to create the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. DeVos aspires to grow and encourage the business side of the arts, recognizing that it is critical to the existence of the arts community to have an adequate arts management foundation and not allow it to be neglected. Dick and his family also make regular contributions to the Willow Creek Church in order to support and encourage leadership development programs with the main focus being its notable leadership summit.


DeVos actively makes the contribution process a family affair in order to teach his four children how they can make a difference in areas they care about. He allows them to have a hand in where donations are made, how much, and encourages them to find new causes and groups in which to send donations. To him, this is something he wants to be a family tradition that continues to be associated with the DeVos name.


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