Helane Morrison’s Life and Work

Helane Morrison serves as Hall Capital Partners’ Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer. She is also a part of the firm’s executive committee. Before joining Hall Capital Partners, she was in charge of the San Francisco SEC office. While serving as Director and the District Administrator prior to working at the SEC, Helane Morrison was involved in regulatory matters, securities enforcement and litigation. She was also head of the local SEC office in San Francisco for four years from 1996 to 1999 as well as representing it in legal and business communities.

Before joining the SEC, Helane Morrison was a member of the Howard, Rice Nemerovski, Canady Falk and Rabkin law firm in San Francisco for ten years from 1986 to 1996. She was eventually elevated to a partner of the firm in 1991. She mainly focused on amtters pertaining to private securities actions and SEC. Prior to entering private practice, Helane Morrison worked as Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun’s and Richard Posner’s law clerkfrom for two years from 1984 to 1986. She is currently serving on the Board of Regional Parks Foundation and the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association. Helane Morrison is a periodic speaker on topics pertaining to compliance, legal issues affecting investment advisers and private funds. Helane has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism as well as a J.D.from Northwestern University and Berkeley School of Law respectively. While studying at the University of California, she served as the Editor-in-Chief for the California Law Review.

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DeVos Family Contributes to Development of Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

In recent days, the media has been covering a story regarding the upcoming development of the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. The center is scheduled to be completed and ready for use by the year 2018. The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts developing committee had previously created a fundraising platform with the goal of obtaining 125 million dollars by the end of the year 2013. The developing committee has reached an amazing goal of 175 million dollars, a whopping 50 million dollars over the expected revenue of the fundraiser. This news has impressed other fundraising entities around the world and has led to major press coverage regarding the fundraiser. News outlets questioned the Kennedy Center’s developmental committee regarding the specific sources of the larger donations that the center received. It was no surprise that one of the major donors to the Kennedy Center’s fundraising program was the philanthropic couple, Dick and Betsy Devos. The couple has had a long history of donating large amounts of money to campaigns, fundraisers, and platforms which they believe will serve to better the community and serve their fellow citizens.

Dick Devos is best known for the company he inherited from his father, Amway. After the passing of the Devos’ father and the founder of Amway, Richard Devos Sr., the company was given to Dick Devos and he became its chief executive. After a period of time where Devos successfully led Amway to become one of the top multi level marketing companies in the United States, Dick Devos focused is efforts on his philanthropic pursuits and on political ideas. Dick and his wife Betsy began to become seriously involved in the campaigns of right wing candidates who they felt would successfully complete their terms in office. The couple is responsible for the nomination and election of several notable congressman, governors, and senators in the state of Michigan. Dick Devos even began a campaign to run as the gubernatorial candidate for the republican party in the state of Michigan, but was unsuccessful in his bid and lost the the democratic nominee. His set back in the election, however, did not deter his family from staying active in political and social issues that were occurring in Michigan. The Devos’ have made a legacy for their family by becoming active participants in the political process and by exercising generosity on behalf of organizations that they believe in such as the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts.

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Stephen Murray: A Business Innovator

Longtime businessman Stephen Murray passed away in March 2015, but not before leaving behind a successful career and business. Murray was best known for his position as CEO to CCMP Capital Advisors, a company that branched out from JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Murray was born in 1962 and raised in Westchester County New York, a suburb of New York City. For his undergraduate study, he attended Boston College and received a Bachelor of Arts degree. He furthered his education by attending graduate school at Columbia University in New York, and earned a Master of Business Administration.

Upon receiving his degree, Stephen Murray was hired in 1984 at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company, a New York based company. While initially hired as a credit trainee, Murray worked his way up the ranks to vice president of middle market lending. In 1989 he moved to a private equity and leveraged-finance component of Manufacturers Hanover, This company was an early precursor to CCMP.  Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: http://nypost.com/2015/03/13/ccmps-murray-dead-at-52/

In 1991 Manufacturer Hanover was purchased by Chemical Bank. After three mergers with other companies, the company officially became known as Chase Capital Partners. In 2005 Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was awarded the position of head of the buyout business for JP Morgan partners.

The company then became known as CCMP when Murray led the spin off of the company in 2006. In the following year, he was named CEO of the company which consisted of the buyout and growth equity divisions of its private equity group.

Throughout his lucrative career, Murray served on the board of several successful companies, such as Cabela’s, Aramark, AMC Entertainment, and Warner Chilcott to name a few. He was also a philanthropist, supporting such charities as the Make A Wish Foundation of Metro New York and the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County.

Stephen Murray served as the vice chairman of the board of trustees at Boston College, and was a member of the chairman’s council of the Make A Wish Foundation of Metro New York.

Stephen Murray continued his work and philanthropist duties until his retirement a month before his death in March 2015. For two and a half decades Stephen Murray was a key figure in the business world. He started at the bottom, and worked his way up to the top of the company.

He will always be remembered for his contributions and dedication to CCMP. Murray was survived by his wife Tami Murray, and their four children.

Bernardo Chua Announces New Organo Gold Preferred Customer Program And Benefits

Bernardo Chua has done it again. The award-winning founder of Organo Gold has found yet another way to help people that use Organo Gold products. Not only do the Organo Gold products which are infused with ganoderma help to improve people’s health, now people will receive rewards just for purchasing them. It’s part of the new rewards program the innovative entrepreneur has created. Called the Preferred Customer program, the new system will now save people money and provide them with many other benefits when they purchase Organo Gold products regularly.

The new Preferred Customer rewards program is available to both Organo Gold retail customers as well as distributors located in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. It’s designed to provide them with a support system, continued high-quality customer service, specials, and savings on a wide range of popular Organo Gold products. Chua explained that the Preferred Customer program is a model created to provide diversification and help to expand the number of businesses that carry the products.

In order to participate in the rewards program, retail customers and distributors must become a part of the Organo Gold auto-ship program. By joining they get a 25% discount plus they save on all of the orders they place each month. Many distributors see a marked increase in their sales volume while retail customers are able to get a lot more Organo Gold products for their money.

Retail customers enrolled in the new Preferred Customer rewards program have exclusive access to promotions as well as specials related to Organo Gold products. Whether you are a new or existing customer, you can simply visit the Organo Gold website and register to become part of the program. People that do so will get access the Preferred Customer hotline, representatives, plus exceptional services and assistance.

Chua’s goal has long been to give as many people as possible easy access to the health improving benefits of ganoderma. Through Organo Gold, he offers a line of gourmet hot chocolate, coffees, green teas, and a wide range of other beverages containing the extract from the health improving ganoderma mushroom.  Check out Bernardo’s Facebook for more, and read the full story on BitsyLink.

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Wengie’s Travel Skin Care Routine

In this video, Wengie tells us how she takes care of her skin when she’s on a trip. Since her skin gets especially stressed during her travels, she makes sure to take extra good care of it while she’s away. Firstly, she uses a convenient travel bag, packing her makeup and skin care products into separate compartments. When traveling, she usually packs light and keeps her routine to a minimum so she can get an early start on the day.

The air conditioning in hotels dries her skin out, so Wengie always makes sure to bring a pack of moisturizing face masks to use before bed. She uses the excess product from the mask to massage her face and neck.

Instead of buying expensive face wipes, Wengie packs toner mixed with cotton pads to cleanse her face with in the morning. SK-II Essence is her favorite toner, as it moisturizes well and gives the skin a bouncy texture. She also uses SK-II moisturizing cream, though she suggests that you skip it if you have oily or combination skin.

The next step is lightweight sunscreen. This is very important if you’re going to be outside for a significant part of the day. Make sure to also protect your lips with sunscreen. Next, Wengie applies face powder, tapping onto her skin instead of wiping.

For cleaning up the tops and bottoms of her brows, she uses a Maybelline eyebrow pencil. She then uses a light brushing of eyebrow mascara. Wengie recommends The Balm’s travel palette for eyeshadow, blush, and bronzer. She never packs brushes when traveling, using her fingers to apply shadow instead.

Next, she uses a pen liner to lightly apply liner to the outer corners of her eyes. Using a lavender cheek blusher with a sponge tip, she lightly applies pigment to the apples of her cheeks. Lastly, she uses a peach lip tint under a shiny balm.

All in all, the entire routine takes about 15 minutes.


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The Growth of Beneful’s Dog Food Brand

Over the past couple of years, Nestle Purinastore Beneful has invested in its dog food brand. It is already one of the best in the world, but the company wanted to continue to benefit from its brand-name recognition. The good news for pet owners is that there are a variety of great dog food brands to choose from. This is a major difference from the past where there were only a few. The pet food industry is exploding, and Beneful is one of the companies leading the charge. It will be interesting to see all of the new dog food brands that come out in the next couple of years. Anyone who is looking to invest in the health of their pet should buy Beneful on their nest Walmart shopping.
Dog Food Brands

There are a variety of dog food brands that owners and pets both love. One of the most common types of dog food is organic dog food with flavoring. Organic food was a huge boom among people, but now pet owners are wanting to have organic food for their animals. This is a major difference over the past few years. It is true that organic food can make dogs live longer. However, there are also a lot of things to keep in mind when buying organic dog food. The dog food has to be stored differently, and many pet owners find this out the hard way. Sometimes, the dog food smells worse than typical dog food. Always keep these factors in mind before making a purchase.


Dog food flavor is something that all pets enjoy. The problem is trying to find flavors that pets will love for a long period of time. Often times, a dog will get used to the pet food that they eat on a regular basis. Over the long term, finding quality pet food with good flavors is something that people will enjoy. Beneful has done a great job of investing in dog food brands over the past couple of years. Many industry experts believe that these investments will pay off with higher sales on their already popular dog food brands.

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Marc Sparks Launches Marketing Sparks For Start-Up Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks USA has just launched Marketing Sparks, a start-up program to help entrepreneurs work with professional marketing experts at the business front end.

The Pittsburgh-based ad agency conducts intensive three-hour sessions for entrepreneurs to learn proven business strategies and ideas to increase their chances of success. “Similar programs around the region have given individuals hoping to break into marketing the tools to succeed,” says Marc USA CEO Michelle Fabrizi.

Marc USA recruited experts and professionals both inside and outside their ranks. Read more: They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success and Marc Sparks’s Books and Publications Spotlight

“The program has gotten a great deal of positive feedback,” said Fabrizi. ‘The city has such a remarkable start-up community. It feels great to give something back.”

PNC Financial Service Group was one of the first companies to sign on. Many others have followed suit with great enthusiasm.

Marc Sparks will hold its first event for the Randall Family Big Idea Competition winners. The University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute sponsors the program every year. First place winners in the areas of general technology IT, health care and social innovation will also win $20,000 in addition to receiving an invitation to Marketing Sparks.

The man behind the company, Marc Sparks, is a very successful businessman, who outlined his path to success several years ago. Not only is he a successful businessman, he wants to teach everyday ordinary people how to achieve the same.

His book They Can’t Eat You outlines his path to success. Sparks owns many companies but works primarily in telecommunications. He is also a venture capitalist, who supplies start-up companies with funding.

Marc Sparks says anyone can be successful. It’s just a matter of having drive and determination.

Sparks is a generous philanthropist that devotes his time and money to many organizations. He is a huge supporter of education and gives to an organization that helps drop-outs get diplomas. He also gives to a number of area homeless shelters.

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