The Amazing Marketing of Bernardo Chua

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It comes to gourmet coffee Organo Gold maybe one of the healthiest on the market. This is a company that has a variety of different brands of coffee and tea. The company was founded by award winning Bernardo Chua, and he has been doing his very best to take the brand to a global audience.

A lot of the success of this company has to do with the actual marketing skills of Bernardo Chua and his excellent brand building skills. He has crossed over into different countries easily. He knew that he would have to use something that was out of the ordinary in order to make the Organo Gold brand stand out. Chua has some of the best coffee beans and he has also provided healing ingredients that are unlike any other ingredients that are in standard beverages today.

This idea gave Chua the ability to compete on a global level, something he’s talked about on YouTube; there is an international marketing plan that is connected to this coffee. This Brandon as the healing agent of a Ganoderma mushroom so that really gets the consumer curious.

Organic products are big and this is a big part of the marketing for Organo Gold. Chua knew that this was something that appealed to a wide consumer base. He made it his mission to let the customers know that this was an organic product with this name. He also made it plain and simple that this was a new product that had a healing agent. This agent was a game changer in the coffee industry. It was all part of an excellent marketing strategy that would prove successful.

This is an interesting blend of coffee because it is promoted as a healthy brand. It still has delectable flavors and gourmet coffee beans, but it also has this unique healing agent. That is something that will put this type of coffee in a different league.

Straight from Twitter what Bernardo Chua has essentially done is made all the other coffee brand leaders step up and look for something that can make their brands stand out. His healing coffee is cutting edge, and he is getting a lot of buzz from consumers. This is proof positive that the brand is bound for even more success.

Meeting Friends Is Easy On Skout

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Have you been making any online friends recently? Recent surveys from the online dating group, Skout, indicate that as much as 75 percent of their user base has at least one friend online. The survey was part of international online friends day, which is a newer holiday that celebrates making friends across the web. Have you ever tried making friends with people in other countries through online social media or dating sites? Skout is a pretty easy way to meet people like this.

Skout combines social media with the prospect of matchmaking. It doesn’t have to be used for dating. The application is available on mostly every smart phone or similar device, and it can be used to build a variety of friendships apart from dating or romantic relationships. It is pretty easy to use Skout. Setting up a profile on their system takes a matter of minutes. I would recommend revisiting your profile to update it from time to time, or you can skip some of it until you think of something more thoughtful.

The Skout profile contains a user’s basic information. It shows other users how old your are, what city you are in, what gender you identify as, what you are interested in finding on Skout. I have noticed a lot of people on Skout to make friends. It’s kind of a nice feeling because you get messages from someone who is usually from a different country, so you get to hear about what life is like in their country. It’s a great way to expose yourself to different cultures.

The survey that Skout conducted with its users also had another interesting statistic that came from it. Apparently, over 85 percent of the users who have an online friend would be interested in meeting their friends in real life. It is interesting how we become close with people over the internet. If you decide to pursue meeting someone as a friend or in a romantic way, always be smart and safe about your meetings.

If you are interested in reading more about Skout or the survey that they recently conducted, here is a link to an article written on PR Newswire’s website.

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