Deirdre Baggot Is A Health Care Entrepreneur Who Has Followed Her Passions To Find Success

Deirdre Baggot has worked as a hospital clinician and executive in the past and now serves the health care industry by reforming bundled payments. Over the years, she has worked with more than 200 different hospitals in order to help out with their bundled payment issues. She has also served as an advisor to various health system boards and top executives.

Deirdre Baggot has been asked to appear as a speaker at medical conferences and is a writer who has finished more than a dozen papers related to bundled payments. She has been interviewed on All Things Considered, Planet Money, and the Morning Edition of National Public Radio and has admitted that most of her best ideas come to life by doing a lot of research. After writing about any idea she comes up with, she brings it to a team of people who can give her a hand with hammering out the details of the idea. For more information about Deirdre, view her crunchbase profile.

Deirdre Baggot earned a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. She moved on to study at Chicago’s Loyola University Graduate School of Business and received her master’s degree in business administration there. She rounded out her studies by attending the University of Colorado and received her Doctor of Philosophy degree in the process.

Baggot believes she is a better entrepreneur because of her ability to stay focused on one industry. Since her passion lies in the health care sector, that is where she has always worked. She feels like this has helped her to not waste her energy doing unnecessary things that don’t bring her closer to any of her goals. She writes up a to-do-list every week in order to stay organized and has learned that she must say no to some business meetings; otherwise, she would be held up by meetings all week long.

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SoftBank the New Face of Fortress Investment Group

SoftBank Group recently made headlines after they announced the acquisition of the Fortress Investment Group. Well, the deal was completed with the SoftBank offering a total of $3.3 billion. Following the closing of the deal, SoftBank Group and the wholly-owned subsidiaries take the lion’s share of all the Fortress shares.

Before closing the deal, the all the conditions by the Fortress Investment Group had to be satisfied before closing the transactions. This included the approval of the transactions through the shareholders of the Fortress Investment Group dating back to last year in July. There were also the receipts of all the associated regulatory approvals. Visit

The acquisition meant that the Class A share of the Fortress Group was converted into the right to receive a total of $8.08 per share. The merger is set to be distributed based on the payment procedures that are highlighted in the Definitive Proxy on the FIG and the Merger Agreement that had earlier been incorporated.

The common stock of the firm stopped from trading and will be removed from the New York Stock Exchange. The merger would also mean that the financial results of the FIG will be consolidated and shown in the SoftBank Group financial statements following the full acquisition. There would be announcements by SoftBank of the impacts relating to the consolidation.

The Fortress Investment Group will be operating within Softbank as an independent business with its headquarters in New York. The principals at the firm, Wes Edens, Pete Briger and Randy Nardone will resume of leadership at the FIG. Among the commitments of SoftBank is the maintenance of the leadership, brand, culture, personnel and business model that have led to the success of the Fortress Investment Group.

SoftBank is a global technology firm which aims at driving the Information Revolution. IT has a host of firms’ such as internet services, advanced telecommunications, smart robotics, AI, clean energy technology and IoT.

The FIG is a leading global investment firm. The firm was founded back in 1998 and manages assets of close to 2,000 institutional clients and private investors across the world. Read more on


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6 Ways Innovacare Health is Helping to Prevent the Spread of Disease

6 Ways Innovacare Health is Helping to Prevent the Spread of Disease

The spread of disease has, since the beginning of time, been a primary source of frustration and misery for mankind. Thanks to modern medical innovations, however, the global spread of disease has drastically decreased and life expectancy in the west is now triple when compared to life expectancy rates in the previous century. To continue this positive healthcare trend and prevent the spread of disease, healthcare systems like Innovacare Health work consistently to provide optimized solutions for patients around the world. Innovacare Health’s CEO, Rick Shinto, has recently discussed ways the healthcare service provider is attempting to prevent the spread of disease and increase awareness of efficient health practices on a global scale. He listed the following 8 actions that the company has taken to meet this end.

  1. This healthcare company has implemented wellness programs throughout the United States.

Over the last 5 years, Innovacare Health has developed educational and promotional programs throughout the country in the hopes of increasing awareness about diseases prevention.

  1. This healthcare company has increased funding to disease prevention facilities.

Innova Health has also consistently increased funding to the study of disease prevention and awareness activities each year since 2007. This increased funding has led to the preservation of many efficient programs, as well.

  1. Innovacare Health has established several educational facilities that teach civilians as well as medical professionals about new medical innovations.

In addition to expanding research into disease prevention, This healthcare company has developed programs that help non medical personnel to reduce the occurrence of illness within their own work facilities.

  1. Innovacare has attempted to infiltrate underserved communities with medical literature that promotes wellness practices.

As a way to further perpetuate holistic and preventative ideas regarding disease elimination, This healthcare company has developed facilities in underserved communities where citizens can come to be educated and receive instructional materials.

  1. Innovacare has implemented several programs to treat and prevent disease for little to no cost to low income patients.

This healthcare company has also ensured that these programs are presented at little cost to citizens who cannot afford traditional treatments.

  1. Innovacare has developed programs offering free vaccinations to low income communities.

Innovacare Health’s free vaccination program helps people from all demographics receive access to preventative vaccinations to limit the spread of illness.

For decades, Innovacare Health has worked to implement programs that make the spread of disease less efficient. This company continues to seek new ways of distributing education and healthcare to people all over the world.

Interesting Facts And Achievements Of Matthew Fleeger

Who is Matthew Fleeger? Matthew is the current President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, LLC, a leading multinational oil company that specializes in exploration and acquisition of oil and gas, particularly in the Gulf Coast region, US. He is also the brains behind MedSolutions. Founded in 1992, MedSolutions is a waste management company that specialized in the collection, disposal, and treatment of waste produced by facilities in the healthcare sector.

Fleeger’s Education and Career

In 1992, Matthew Fleeger went to Southern Methodist University – Cox School of Business, where he earned his undergraduate degree in Finance and Marketing in 1986. After graduating, he went to work for his father’s company, Gulf Coast region. Here, he focused on finance and marketing and helped the company come up with unique cerebral marketing strategies that helped it penetrate more areas and increase sales. The experience and networks he gained while working in the oil and gas industry would prove useful in the upcoming years when he launched his first company, MedSolutions, Inc.

Achievements as the CEO of MedSolutions

Matthew Fleeger’s exceptional leadership skills and unique marketing strategies helped MedSolutions, Inc. transform from an unknown start-up to a regional leader in waste management. In 2007, Fleeger sold MedSolutions to Stericycle, Inc. The deal made him an instant multi-millionaire. After the sale, Fleeger went back to work at Gulf Coast region, where he was appointed the President and CEO, a position he holds to present. His vast experience in mergers, acquisitions, sales, corporate structuring, and marketing made him the perfect candidate for the top spot.

What has he achieved as CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western, LLC? This is a common question that anyone curious about his achievements would ask. Well, under his leadership, Gulf Coast Western has continued to conquer more markets and cement its market position.

Other Interests

The visionary leader also has interest in the tanning industry and has helped found two tanning businesses that generate more than $100 million per year. He was also instrumental in the establishment of the largest spray-on tanning booth company in the world, Palm Beach Tan

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Victoria Doramus – A Contemporary Communications and Marketing Strategist.

Well-experienced in consumer trends, Victoria Doramus is the definition of a 21st-century communication and marketing strategist. Her glowing profile speaks for her.

Victoria Doramus has quite a record in the application of creativity to identify market patterns and build solutions. Her areas of expertise in consumer trends cuts across fashion, lifestyle, and design. Victoria Doramus has a unique understanding of the ideal way to market brands and products to target audiences. She also has the ability to understand different cultures and these attributes rank her among the most wanted contemporary marketing strategists.

Her education.

Victoria Doramus attended and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree specifically in Journalism & Communication from the reputable research-oriented University of Colorado Boulder in the Denver area.

Her career.

Briefly after graduating, Victoria Doramus was saddled with the responsibility of producing multimedia and printed plans for one of the world’s biggest media agency, Mindshare World, a firm which has billings in the excess of $35bn. While in her position, she utilized her communication and marketing skills to build and maintain relationships with global media executives.

Soon after, she was employed by Stila Cosmetics to the position of a creative consultant. During this time, she created various visual materials as well as creative marketing campaigns.

In 2007, Victoria Doramus worked with Creative Artists Agency as the group’s coordinator where she maintained a global network of various trend correspondents. She left the agency in 2010 for Trendera.

At Trendera, Victoria Doramus developed new relationships with clients, created marketing campaigns, acquired new businesses, supervised workers, and converted cultural trends to specific product development and brand implementation.

Between 2009 till 2015, she wrote various articles for high-end magazines, newspapers, and journals while also accomplishing various marketing projects for many of them. Her freelance writing projects during this period include with The Huffington Post, Jane Buckingham, among others.

Today: Her volunteer works.

Victoria’s vast experience in works of creativity has given her the much needed insights into contemporary marketing strategies. Today, she has delved into volunteer works in the charity sector, and has applied her creative experience to provide remedies for the less-privileged.

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Marc Beer: Everything You Need To Know

Marc Beer is a Co-founder, chairman, and CEO at Renovia Inc. He founded the company in August 2016 alongside three other experts namely Ramon Iglesias, Yolanda, and MD.


The background information of Marc Beer


Marc Beer was born on 10/17/1964. Currently, he lives in Boston. He pursued his undergraduate studies at Miami University, where he graduated with Bachelors of Science. Marc Beer has spent more than 25 years of his life in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals development. He acted as a leader in various capacities such as former CEO of ViaCell, a biopharmaceutical company, worked in Genzyme and was in the recent past a Vice President of Global Marketing where he launched many products that addressed rare diseases affecting people.


Funding series of Renovia Company


Renovia is a company which engages in biotechnological discoveries and advancements. It majorly comes up with digital therapeutic and diagnostic devices and products which help women with disorders of the pelvic floor. This has been a challenging issue in women healthcare; it is estimated that more than 250 million women across the world are affected by the disorder.


Not long after its establishment than the Renovia Company received the first bunch of funds, which were referred to as series A funds. A section of the share was utilized to lay down the foundation of the product development. The largest share of the funds was used to get the relevant technology from a different entity. Learn more:


After barely two years of operation, the Renovia Company received funds which would make it easy for it to expand its operations in Medical technology. It raised $42 million on 21st August 2018 in series B funding for tackling pelvic floor disorders. Various investors took part in the series B funding; these include the Longwood Fund, Ascension Ventures and Perceptive Advisors from New York. This was a positive gesture that various investors are interested in expanding this technology for the betterment of women health.


The company’s executive stated that the $42 million raised would help in testing and aiding in the invention of the addition of four therapeutic and also diagnostic devices and products. Marc Beer worked tirelessly to ensure that the Renovia Company scales higher and higher. In his efforts to make the company great, he incorporated effective and efficient employees and partners who were well experienced and devoted to enhancing women’s healthcare.


Renovia’s CEO Marc Beer expressed excitement of the discovery development that would enable the medical technology company to advance the current products and come up with new ones. Renovia Company has wholly transformed the means in which disorders of the pelvic floor are diagnosed and treated. The numerous accomplishments of the company are attributed to the leadership attributes of Mar Beer, his education background and expertise.


Sheldon Lavin Achievements in OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the current Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group. OSI Group is a large-scale producer of meat products and food processing services. Lavin is a talented and skilled professional with a broad scope of knowledge and experience in company management.

He has majorly contributed to the rectification of the OSI Group reputation especially in Europe and North America. He has set an ethical example for thousands of entrepreneurs globally.

Sheldon secret of success in company management is sharing responsibilities with the highly skilled individuals in the company. Through this technique, he can control all activities in a company effectively as he conducts his research.

This makes him gather all the relevant information before making crucial decisions on the company. One of the best success of Sheldon Lavin is with the OSI Group. The company needed financial support and capital to enlarge. He could finance the company and positive attitude towards their strive for success.

His main intention was to propel the company to great heights. To become one of the leading food processing enterprises in the world. In a year’s period, the company had extended its services across the United States.

Sheldon spread the company’s services to larger companies. He minimized the cost of the company through his excellent business plan and developing the company into an international enterprise. This produced the interest of many shareholders, thus multiplying the profits of the company.

Sheldon uses the most recent technology to market his services such as internet marketing and social media advertisement to maximize the number of his customers. Lavin formed a panel of technology experts who are in charge of identifying any technology trends in the market and incorporate it into their business model.

Under the management of Sheldon Lavin, the OSI Group, unlike standard companies is run uniquely. There are strategic plans to adhere to, obligations to fulfill and controlled budgets. The company also embrace the culture of working as a family.

To date, the OSI Group is located in more than seventeen countries. It has over seventy facilities. The company offers commodities ranging from protein commodities, sauces, vegetable products to baked goods. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the company has won a couple of rewards based on their outstanding achievements.

Sheldon Lavin’s vision for the OSI Group is to generate the highest profits, attain most top growth, and provide world class services. To be the global leaders in the food industry for years to come.


Talos Energy Hopes To Find Mutual Benefit In A Pemex Partnership:

There has been a consortium of exploratory oil firms that have been working off the coast of Mexico in what is called the Zama field. Taking the lead in this exploration of Zama is Texas-based Talos Energy. This consortium is doing some of the most critical work today in the energy industry and will look to a future with a cooperative venture with Pemex. Pemex is an energy firm that is run by the Mexican state and a partnership with the Talos Energy led exploratory consortium could prove to be a truly lucrative move for all involved. So far, the work being done by Talos Energy in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico has yielded very promising results. It was just last year that Talos Energy found a significant deposit of oil. When all is said and done, this oil deposit could end up amounting to an incredible two billion barrels.

One of the reasons that a partnership with Pemex makes sense for Talos Energy and its partners is the fact that the Zama field sits directly next to a major exploratory field that Pemex is currently planning to drill in soon. The data that Pemex has already collected regarding oil caches in this region of the Gulf is valuable information that can have a great benefit to the efforts being put forward by Talos Energy. Talos Energy CEO Tim Duncan has also confirmed that with this deal, Talos Energy and its consortium would share the data that it has collected with Pemex.

Founded by Tim Duncan during the 2012 fiscal year, Talos Energy has quickly made a name in the oil and gas industry for its aggressive exploration of promising oil caches, particularly ones that are located in the Gulf of Mexico. The firm has also recently completed a major merger with Stone Energy that garnered Talos Energy an immediate position as a publically traded entity. The firm makes its headquarters in the Texas city of Houston. The recent finds in the Zama field have already begun yielding results for Talos Energy which has partnered with several other exploratory firms including Sierra Oil and Premiere Oil.

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The OSI Industries International Expansion

Many people buying food in supermarkets have little worry about the origin of their purchases. Similarly, no one inclines to question about ingredient purchases when dining in any restaurant. Considering the number of people eating/buying food out, one realizes it is a fascinating kind of food production. It is thus worthwhile to know about the companies feeding today’s societies.

There are many food companies, but OSI Industries stands out as the most prominent. Even though the company’s headquarters are in Illinois, it has a worldwide impact. There is a high chance you’ve been feeding on the company’s products without knowing it. It is so because OSI packaged products sell in supermarkets and restaurants around the globe. The company mostly focuses on producing meat items.

A Giant

OSI Industries is a subsidiary of OSI Group, which is privately held. OSI Group is under company President, David McDonald, and Chief Executive Officer, Sheldon Lavin. Currently, the company operates in 17 countries. With over 20,000 employees, OSI provides beef, pork, bacon/ sausages, pizzas, snacks, desserts, seafood, and many other protein foods. Its 65 facilities help it to maintain operations and supply clients all over the world.

OSI Industries is growing big due to smart moves by the people at its parent company OSI Group. Recently, OSI Group purchased Baho Foods, another large food production company. Baho Foods has its base in the Netherlands, and other subsidiaries in that territory, plus all over Germany. It is evident that OSI Group wants to increase sales and ramp up production.

More Expansion

OSI Industries is growing at a fast pace. Other than in the Netherland and Germany, OSI Group expanded to markets in the European continent. In 2016, the company purchased Flagship Europe to take over its frozen condiments, pies, and poultry production. The leadership at OSI Group wanted Flagship Europe to grasp new opportunities emerging in the European Continent.

OSI Industries can only move upwards. There is a spirited push by its parent company to expand internationally. Even so, the expansion is also touching on OSI Group’s domestic presence. This was evident in June 2016 when OSI purchased Tyson Food’s food plant in Chicago that was about to close shop. Expect to feast more on OSI products.

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Steve Ritchie’s Life and Growth

Steve Ritchie started playing the role of being a CEO for a Louisville-based Papa John’s (@PapaJohns) in early January, and he noted that the positive effect on consumer sentiment was proving successful in their move to rebrand and focus on the company’s employees. Steve Ritchie stated that according to the provided information from various research firms, opinions from consumers was enough proof that Papa John’s was changing from bad to a much more better position and this was after the company presented its “Voices” movement in September. This progress pleased Steve Ritchie Papa Johns as he was impressed with how the quick actions brought out such a positive impact on the company.

One time during a call, Steve Ritchie was quite optimistic on the company’s progress, and he even pointed out that the restructuring of the company’s executive suite would help the pizza giant be able to focus more on its consumers. At the moment the company is undergoing restructuring with Mike Nettles as the new executive vice president, chief operator and the officer in charge of growth. According to an article from, four other presidential roles were created for the new vice president, and they were formed around interaction with customers and their interests. These roles include analytics and technology, menu strategy, experiences of the consumers, and innovation and branding. In the earnings call, Steve Ritchie stated that for Papa John to concentrate on its five key focuses that he had defined earlier, restructuring had to be involved as it would be of great help. In the late summer, shares in the company dropped, and various big jumps were made just six weeks amid talks of a likely acquisition and within September news were out that the company was in search of acquisition offers.

Two private-equity firms and two other activist investors had shown interest and were considering the deal. Steve Ritchie still believed that the company would be going to the last quarter and he stated that he saw hints that their improvement activities were totally working. Steve Ritchie continually stated the improved customer remark in North America and their strong cash flows reinforced their confidence much more in the future. Steve Ritchie was totally committed to building and ensuring that the company moved forward to higher success.

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