Paul Mampilly Explains Why He Left Wall Street To Pursue New Opportunities

The winner of the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition, Paul Mampilly is an American investor. Mampilly has had a long and successful career, which he started as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. Mampilly then worked for ING and Deutsche Bank before managing the hedge fund of Kinetics Asset Management. Recently, Mampilly has begun to focus on helping people make money through their investments.

Mampilly founded newsletters Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes. Mampilly says that he was ready to leave Wall Street behind. He feels that Wall Street really doesn’t benefit people. Mampilly feels that opening the newsletters allows him to showcase his skills and experience in a way that can help people. Mampilly is proud that the prices are at a reasonable level that most people can afford.

Mampilly and his team do hours of research. He also spends a lot of time writing before he officially writes the recommendation. Mampilly provides charts, data, and different scenarios to help the reader understand the pros and cons of a particular stock. Mampilly credits his productivity to using the same routine on a daily basis. He constantly reads about stocks and looks for patterns. Mampilly believes that his dedication and commitment set him apart from his peers.

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Mampilly is excited about the recent trends concerning the Internet of Things and the millennials. He feels that IoT is going to change a number of different industries, including manufacturing, health care, and banking. Millennials are important because they are the future of the economy. Their choices will impact how things are moving forward. Mampilly likes to look at the most popular companies among millennials.

Mampilly is a supporter of LinkedIn, which is how people can find out more information about him. Mampilly tries to keep his priorities in order. The readers should always come first. Prioritizing money over customers will eventually lead to problems. Mampilly also believes that it is important to surround yourself with good people who you can trust.

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Roberto Santiago’s Dream Come True

Roberto Santiago is one of the most recognized investors in Brazil. He owns two of the biggest malls in Britain. The Mangeira mall is one of the greatest malls, it is well stocked and has all the facilities. However, this is not his ultimate investment. Roberto Santiago Maniara Mall is the largest mall in Britain.

Roberto Santiago has always had a dream of giving his people a recreational center that had everything they needed under one roof. This was because he realized that the Manaira people had to travel for leisure. The objective of the entrepreneur was to ensure that the people did not have to travel by providing them with everything they needed.

To facilitate these developments, Santiago went to the University and studied Business Administration. This was to understand the fundamentals of running a business.

Before Santiago became an entrepreneur, he was well known because of his blogging activities. Santiago used to write informative, interesting and educative blogs. He gained a lot of popularity from these posts.

The Residents like to refer the Roberto Santiago mall as a small town. This is because a trip to the manaira mall sorts all their issues. There is a health center for the sick, banking facilities, schools, and colleges just to mention a few. In total, the Manaira mall has a total of 280 premises. Whether you are looking for jewelry, shoes, clothes or general home shopping, Manaira mall got it all.

Many families have created beautiful memories in this mall. This is because the mall got all ages covered. Their numerous activities children can engage in; they’re a lot of gadgets to ensure they have fun. For the parents, their beautiful views they can watch as they kids have their share of fun. Later, the family can have a taste of the different meals prepared in the manaira mall. Their all kind of foods, from traditional to modern food.

The favorite part of the manaira people is the show room sector. There many theatres under the Manaira mall. Among them is the Domus mall. The Domus mall can hold about 8000 people during a show. The architecture involved in designing it were experts. This means that everyone in the show can see what is going on, on the screen, without straining.

The air conditioners of the mall are well installed. This is to ensure that the air is conducive for everyone in the mall. The devices used in the mall are of high quality regarding video production and sound production as well. The audience is able to walk every moment with the actor. The experience is, therefore, unforgettable.

Roberto Santiago made his dream of providing his people with everything they need under one roof through the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall.


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Todd Lubar growth in the real estate business

In 2003, Todd Lubar founded the Charter Funding which was a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation. It is one of the biggest private mortgage firms in the United States. Affiliation to such a big company enabled Todd to expand his own business due to a large number of products and programs at his disposal. By this time, Todd Lubar had served for about 12 years in the industry. However, he realized a business gap that existed in the market. There was a section of underserved clients. He formed Legendary Financial LLC an affiliate of Legendary Properties LLC. His intention was to use the liquidity of the Legendary properties as well as his own funds to help the market borrowers who in normal circumstances would be left out by the traditional lenders.

With this firm, he was able to see through over 7000 transactions. This allowed him to hone his skills in matters lending. He was in a position to scrutinize every loan application that was presented to him and assess its viability with ease and made the appropriate decision. During the great economic recession of 2008, Todd Lubar did not just hold on to the real estate business which was adversely affected, he went to other business ventures in commercial demolition.

On Geeks News, Todd takes time to answer some questions about his life and here is what he has to say. It is always tough for him to balance between business and family time. He says that despite all his busy life he must always make good time allocation both for his family as well as the business. Todd Lubar attributes his success to hard work. He always wants to know every detail of whatever is going on his business. Only then can he be able to learn the areas that need perfection and make the appropriate decision. Todd Lubar says that his most satisfied when he is able to see a client get the assistance that he needed. He loves to see businesses that he has supported from scratch grow to become huge thriving businesses.

Currently, Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures. Todd lives in Bethesda, Maryland. He is a father of two. His dream is to always be in a position to make a positive impact in the lives of people he meets.

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Madison Street Capital Taking Over Corporate Financial Services In The United States

Madison Street Capital is one of the leading investment banking firms based in Chicago, Illinois. The firm utilizes its global investment experience to help middle market enterprises to expand and achieve their objectives. The investment advisor bears an extraordinary record in the financial industry for its efficiency and responsiveness to client needs and the changing market situation. This has cemented the Madison Street Capital reputation in corporate finance.


The company boasts of a large portfolio of happy clients and successful merger, the most recent one being between DCG Software Value and Spitfire Group. The deal lays credence to Madison Street Capital’s ability to link their clients with prospective investors with the same interests. DCG Software Value is a leading provider of software estimation solutions and value management services to all types of businesses. Spitfire Group specializes in innovative technology to assist in business development and consulting. Therefore, the deal is expected to augment the value of both companies. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital has also played a significant role as an exclusive advisor in the acquisition of Acuna and Associates by Dowco Group. From this deal, the top executives of both firms praised the Madison Street Capital team for its efficiency in closing deals and the structuring of complex contracts. This transaction earned the firm top awards during the yearly M&A Advisor Awards. The firm was also nominated in other categories such as Strategic Deal making, Boutique Investment Banking, and Professional Services.


Based on an article on, Madison Street Capital, in conjunction with Sterling Commercial Credit, is also responsible for facilitating a line of financial credit for Maintenance Systems Management. The advisor is also recognized as the sole advisor in a sale and leaseback agreement for WLR Automotive Group in a $13.2 million transaction.


About Madison Street Capital


It is an investment banking firm that was established in 2005 to cater to the investment needs of both public and private companies. Madison Street Capital offers corporate financial advisory services in a timely manner and has the ability to take advantage of lucrative opportunities.


The firm is registered with FINRA and was founded by Anthony Marsala and Charles Botchway; both currently serve as the company’s COO and CEO respectively.


Madison Street Capital specializes in private placement services, mergers & acquisitions, corporate governance, business valuation, bankruptcy services, wealth preservation, as well as tax planning and compliance. This wide experience in corporate governance has equipped the firm with the capability to match sellers to potential buyers, as well as understanding unique client requirements and creating the most appropriate capitalization structure.



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Traveling Vineyard Has Your Wine-loving Back

Are you struggling to find rewarding work that allows you to work from home? Do you love wine? That’s a silly question because I already know the answer — you love wine. We all do. That’s why I think working for Traveling Vineyard is perfect for a lot of people I know.

Becoming a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard is like joining a family. The company makes sure that you are well educated before you step out on your own. The second that you express interest in working for the company is the second that the company pairs you up with a leader in your local community. This leader will take you through the steps of becoming your own leader.

The leader is there for you. Feel free to ask your leader any questions concerning online training. Traveling Vineyards online training course is immersive and is called the Tasting Room. This is where an online educator will teach you about the wines you are about to sell. Of course, you get the taste the wines as you learn about your favorite drink.

There is also an annual convention called the Harvest Conference. This is where the bigwigs of the company show even more support for your question becoming the best wine guide you can be. You also get to see and taste some of the cutting edge innovations in the $38 billion wine industry.

Yeah, that’s a lot of money and you can get your hands on some of that by becoming a wine guide. Once you are comfortable in your training, you set out on your own to host little wine parties in local community. You can start with your friends and family to get your feet wet. Any wine orders that come out of your wine party get you a commission. You can also enlist some of your friends to become wine guides and you get a bonus when they reach a certain sales milestone. For more info about us: click here.

This might all sound too good to be true with the company as a part of the Direct Selling Association which protects contract workers rights.

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Aloha Construction for Your Needs

Residents in the greater Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin area know what bad weather can do to a building. Enduring storms and other extreme weather conditions have made most people in the area in need of a company to cope.


Aloha Construction knows well the importance of their services. Northern Illinois has dealt with weather of the area. Severe weather is no surprise to them, or to our many customers who they service. High wind, hail, and storms that the area experiences every year. Also serving the local Southern Wisconsin area, David A Farbaky, who is the president and CEO of the company.


They have had a wonderful year as they have gained more clients than they expected. Still, they are prepared for the job and are available for projects as needed. There is a brand new website for the company as well. Those clients that like can even place orders for estimates for projects as they like. Growth is good.


This year the company is also adding a new service. They will be offering to remodel for bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and extensions in general. They also handle all of the natural disasters that have always been serving in the past. They are licensed and bonded also handle any roofing issues and general construction. They offer a ten-year warranty on all of their work.


Estimates are important too. Everyone needs to know how much it will cost to do repair or construction work.When it comes time to get an estimate for construction, repair or any other aspect of repair, you can count on Aloha Construction for your construction needs. Licensed and bonded, they have what it takes to make your next project a success. Booking online and able to get back to you fast with an estimate, they are the best in the area today.

OSI Group Continues To Build A Global Presences In The Food Processing Industry

OSI Group (or OSI Industries) is a privately own company having holdings in the meat processor business that service the retail and food industries. OSI Group was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky. Forbes puts OSI Group at 58th place in the top 100 America’s Largest Private Companies. Its headquarters is located in Aurora, Illinois, but it has many operations stationed throughout the world.

OSI Group has a long history of making significant transactions for its benefit. In 1955 They were selected as one of McDonald’s first suppliers of fresh ground beef. Throughout the years OSI Group has made multiple partnerships with other food companies. You can see more of the company’s accomplishments here. In this article, we will look into one incredible new acquisition company has taken on and what opportunities they have available for you.

Their recent purchase of a major food company

In OSI Group latest ventures, it has acquired Baho Foods which is a Dutch company that manufactures meat products and other food items for the foodservice and retail industries. According to the Food Business News, “Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.” Baho Foods operates in Germany and in the Netherlands; also they have five subsidiary companies. David G. McDonald, the President and COO of OSI Group, stated the reason behind this acquisition in a press release recently. He stated that “Adding Baho Food to our OSI Europe business gives OSI a broader presence in Europe.” For more info about us: click here.

OSI Group Careers and Employment

Since OSI Group is a global food provider, they always have job opportunities available. As of August 2017, they currently have job openings in engineering, QA-quality control, management, human resources, information technology, and several other jobs. If you are interested in learning more about these job opportunities, please visit the careers page.

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John Holt Make His Appearance at the 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference

Among the panelists that were privileged to be on 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference of the Texas Bank Association was one, John Holt. He is currently the president and Chief Executive Officer of Nexbank Capital, Inc. The topic which was held for discussion during the conference involved the reinvention of community banking and perspectives on competition through innovation. The forum was convened in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The invites to this year’s Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference were issued to bank executives, consultants, and advisers. During the forum, the panelists got to discuss the obstacles facing a majority of the bank leaders and also the new opportunities that can be ventured through Merger and Acquisition activity.

NexBank Capital Inc. is an institution that offers financial services and primarily classifies its goals into three key businesses which are namely; mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional services. The company offers unparalleled financial and banking services to various individuals including institutional clients, leading financial institutions and corporations in the whole of United States.

As of March 31st, 2017, the company recorded an impressive worth of $5.3 billion in assets. The company attributes its outstanding success to brilliant leadership and an unwavering commitment to all its clientele. All solutions which are gathered at the institution are highly researched and tested to provide the desired results for every individual customer.

The company firmly believes that its strength is driven by its wealth in man power and also experienced leadership. Apart from John Holt, who is at the helm of the company’s leadership, NexBank Capital Inc. has several other executives, including a chief operating officer, a financial officer, and a senior managing director, who all aid in the direction of the financial services company. Since 1992, the company has held its charter while serving in the banking community nationwide.

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Andrew Rolfe –Helping Ubuntu Education Fund Achieve its Objectives Through Fund-Raising Measures

The African Subcontinent is filled with a concentration of the world’s most deprived population, and the lack of necessary supplies in there like food, clean water, education, hospitals, medicines, and more, is known across the globe. Even though many organizations are burning the midnight oil to reach out to the larger section of the population that needs support and supplies, the efforts are simply not enough. One of the organizations that have been working day and night to empower local communities in South Africa is Ubuntu Education Fund. The organization’s primary focus is education as that is what would build the foundation for a better tomorrow. Along with education, the Ubuntu Education Fund has also diversified its focus in later years, providing health care, medical supplies and other essential amenities for the local people.

Jacob Lief, the founder, and CEO of Ubuntu Education Fund has spoken on the work of Ubuntu Education Fund in South Africa. At present, the organization is helping over 400,000 adults and children in Africa, and the number is expected to grow in the times to come as it manages to gather more fund through the various fund raising activities. Andrew Rolfe, the Chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund, has helped tremendously in increasing the fund size of the organization as well in organizing various fund raising activities for Ubuntu Education Fund. Recently, a gala dinner was held in London along with the support provided by Andrew Rolfe that helped in raising funds over 600,000 GBP.

Andrew Rolfe has tremendous experience in the corporate sector as well and is the managing director of TowerBook Capital Ventures as well. Andrew Rolfe is a highly qualified individual who has done graduation from Oxford University and Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School. Andrew Rolfe has also served as the President of The Gap’s International Division. Andrew Rolfe has also worked with many other companies during his initial years, which helped him gain considerable experience in business and finance. Presently, he is focused on helping Ubuntu Education Fund one of the largest in its sector, so that it can rehabilitate as many deprive adults and kids in Africa.

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Amicus Therapeutics Has The Human Passion For Life Saving Science

Amicus Therapeutics is a Cranbury, New Jersey based biopharmaceutical company who specializes in rare and orphan diseases. The company was started in February of 2002 and has made a successful climb through the market place since its establishment. Amicus Therapeutics leader is Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board John F. Crowley, who has worked diligently with the company since 2004.


The field of biopharmaceuticals is large and diverse. Amicus Therapeutics works with a focused goal of finding cures for specific rare diseases, more specifically lysosomal storage disorders (LSD). LSD is a group of about 50 rare diseases that are caused by defects in the lysosomal function. In the large scale of biopharmaceuticals LSD is a small area of study, but to the employees of Amicus Therapeutics, it is the most important work that they do to help those in the most need.

With their focus and dedication to these scientific pursuits, Amicus has been able to gain grants and collaboration with other passionate people in the industry. In 2010, they received a half million dollar grant from The Michael J. Fox Foundation as well as a more than $210,000 grant from Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation (YahooFinance). Both of these monetary contributions have helped Amicus Therapeutics continue their study while also collaborating with the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and with Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. In 2013 the company was able to acquire Callidus Biopharma which encompassed an important therapy treatment for Pompe disease.

Gaining the intellectual property and proprietary materials for this particular treatment held a lot of personal value for Amicus Therapeutics CEO John F. Crowley. Crowley has two children who had been diagnosed with Pompe in 1998. He worked to support his family while also immersing himself in the study of treatments for his children and the disease. His passion and dedication to Amicus Therapeutics goes far beyond having a good career, he works for his company to advance the research that can save lives, including those of his children. Crowley brings his own personal drive and experiences that help keep the companies focus on truly help those individuals, and families, who suffer from LSD.

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